Soft Powder Finish
Brow Blender Pencil


Shape and Define a Natural-Looking Brow For Spring!

Our Brow Perfecting Dual-Ended Pencil Gives A Soft Powdery Finish.

Unique brush tip blends and shapes for full, natural-looking brows.




0.042 oz




  • Long Lasting And Easy Application.
  • Unique Brush Tip Blends And Shapes
  • Dual-Ended Brow Pencil
For the creating your own perfect brow shape : First determine the points of your brow. You have three.... The first point is from the inner corner of the eye. The second point is at the top of the brow which is where your arch is going to be and then the third point is the outer edge of the eye. Take your Brow Blender Pencil and mark the three points. Next take your Brow Blender pencil using short hair light strokes fill in where you made your three points. Use the brush tip to blend, shape and soften lines for natural looking brows. Next use a concealer to fix any mistakes you might have made and last finish with our Brow Set. See Brow set on how to use.....
Vitamins C & E condition and protect. FORMULATED WITHOUT MINERAL OIL.


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Brow Blender Pencil
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