Clean Finish Moistrio™ • Million Dollar • Formula II (Former Packaging)

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Based on years of research and designed for today’s active woman, the Clean Finish Moistrio™

combines a flushing action in its cleanser to loosen dead cell build up and softeners in the

moisturizer to remove accumulated waste matter in the pores.

This Program promotes translucency an smoothness in the skin.

Clean Finish Moistrio™ has been created for skin that is  essentially normal to combination, with some dry and some oily areas on the forehead, nose and chin.

The Clean Finish Moistrio™  is a moisturizing, preventative and corrective system, a wonderful basic system for a combination skin.

Clean Finish Cleanser ™

Clean Finish Cleanser has a flushing action to deep clean and loosen patches of dry or oily skin.

It Helps soften waste within the pores t0 balanced the skin condition.

Gentle exfoliation encourages cellular turnover and helps prevent dead cell build up which can lead to blocked pore-openings.

Clean Finish Moisturizer™

Enhance normal skin by hydrating with this lightweight cream for a lustrous glow and skin that is soft to the touch.


Identify this skin type by the following conditions:

  • Pores are small to some what obvious in the T-Zone area, the forehead, nose and chin.,
  • Skin may be slightly  oily in the T-Zone area
  • Skin may have an occasional problem with  pimples, blackheads white heads, some almost red in appearance- generally in T-zone or along jaw line
  • Skin tends to flush easily
  • Skin may have fine lines an skin tones may be uneven.


Cleanse, tone, moisturize. Three minutes, three-steps, morning and night for a healthier, more youthful and glowing complexion. Apply the moisturizer with damp hands or spray on the Intensive Hydration Mist after moisturizer application. This allows moisture to be carried into the skin cells.

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Clean Finish Cleanser ™

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Clean Finish Moisturizer™


New Packaging, Former Packaging


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