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22Q Family Foundation

Dedicated to Raising Awareness For 22 Q11.2 Deletion Syndrome While Connecting, Supporting, and Offering Accurate Information To Families Affected By The Disorder.   (htps://

Children’s Heart Foundation

CHD stands for congenital heart disease, a structural abnormality of the heart or its function that occurs at birth with chronic secondary complications tat can last throughout life. It occurs in nearly 1 in 100 births . Each year approximately 40,000 babies are born with CHD in the U.S., that’s 1 every 15 minutes. We hope to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of congenital heart defects for children!   (


Clean Safe Water, Hygiene Education, Sustainable Sanitation for children! 

Splash’s efforts are to reach the most vulnerable communities that are  especially relevant in this increasingly hygiene-focused environment. Splash’s goal is to educate on clean safe water, hygiene education, and sustainable sanitation for children. In the cities where we work and in the congested schools where we focus our attention, hand-washing is a critical component to improving the immediate and long-term health of kids. This is especially relevant now during this challenging time and looking to the future. Let’s all become hand-washing champions !  (