Rose Bundle
Sweet Brier Lip Balm +
Rose Lip Mask



Everything is coming up Roses For Spring! Treat yourself to our Rose Lip Bundle.


Rose Lip Mask

 Renew smoothness to lips for Spring! This intensely moisturizing treatment mask transforms upon contact, instantly melting from a creamy balm into a silky oil to leave lips hydrated, smooth and glossy  Luxuriously, soft texture glides easily over the entire lip area to provide long lasting hydration.

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Rose Lip Balm Sweet Brier

Color “blooms” with the unique pH of each wearer’s lips, giving them a flush of personalized color for Spring! Rose is in the air with this Lip- Loving balm that delivers softness, comfort and subtle shine.

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Rose Lip Mask:

  • Revitalizes lip area
  • Plumps lips

Rose Lip Balm (Sweet Brier):

  • pH-based lip balm delivers a flush of personalized color
  • Hydrating, lightweight formula
  • Perfect color for every individual


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