What Is Face Cream?

What Is Face Cream Beginner’s Guide to Different Types of Skincare Products

Entering the world of skincare products might seem overwhelming at first. You might have several questions on your mind, like what are facial moisturizers used for? With so many types of facial skin care products on the market, you might have no idea which one to choose and which one can be ideal for your face.

However, as long as you have a guide, it can be easy to learn the basics. While there are specialized skincare products, there are also ones considered basic and essential.

A comprehensive skincare routine is vital when you want to keep your skin healthy and beautiful – so you should at least know the various types. This will help you when you start buying different skincare products.

With this guide, you can get an introduction to the various facial products that you can use, their applications, and their best ingredients.

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When it comes to skincare routines, cleansing your face is usually the first step that you take. And it is important to mention that that cleansers are important to use even if you have dry or sensitive skin.

When you go to grocery stores or browse online shops, facial cleansers might be the type of facial product you encounter the most. This is because cleansers are the most basic – and the most essential – part of your skincare.

Using cleansers can help clear away the dust, dirt, and other impurities off your face. Whether you are trying to get rid of a pimple or simply want to keep your face clean, a cleanser is the first skincare product that you should have on hand. They are also a key product guaranteeing healthy looking skin.


Despite being a primary product on the market, there are different types of cleansers to consider. You might get overwhelmed by what you see, especially when looking for the perfect one for your face. Here is a minor breakdown of varying cleanser types to help you out, from foaming cleansers to gel cleansers.

Gel Cleansers: If your skin tends to be too oily or if acne pops up on your face regularly, a gel cleanser can be an excellent cleanser for you to use. Most gel cleansers have a lightweight formulation and a gel-like consistency, so they are suitable for keeping excess sebum off your face and cleansing your pores.

Cream Cleansers: If your face tends to go dry or if it is sensitive to specific formulations, you can consider cream cleansers. This is a cream-based formula, so this type of cleanser allows rich hydrating formula most of the time. It will help in keeping your face moisturized.

Oil-Based Cleansers: Despite being oil-based, this type of cleanser is perfect for any skin type. If you want a solid facial wash that can keep off impurities and makeup away from your face, then this is an excellent cleanser to keep in mind.

Face moisturizer can reduce wrinkles and improve texture because it hydrates skinMicellar Water: Micellar water is a water-based cleanser and moisturizer that is one of the best when it comes to cleaning your face. From dirt to makeup, it can adequately keep various impurities away from your face. It is suitable for any skin type.

Clay Cleansers: When you have incredibly oily skin, clay cleansers can be your holy grail. While most clay masks have additional benefits – from brightening to moisturizing – their main advantage is the way they can keep excess oil away from your face.

Foam Cleansers: When it comes to cleansers, foam cleansers are one of the most abundant ones. They have creamy and foamy formulas that help keep away oil and dirt off your face most of the time. This product is especially recommended for people with oily and combination skin types.


Applying cleansers is easy. It should be the first step of both your daytime and nighttime routine. Simply put on your preferred cleanser, gently rub it on your face, and wash it away. Depending on what type of cleanser you have, you might have to let it stay on your face for a few minutes.


Toners are usually the skincare products you are using after you cleanse your face and place additional treatment. While it might often be overlooked, this product is vital in keeping your clean and beautiful.

They can also improve skin texture, plump skin and even repair parched skin. Most toners provide further cleansing to your face and keep your face prepared in receiving nutrients from other skincare products.


Instead of having clear-cut types, toners vary depending on their ingredients . While most toners have active ingredients to help keep sebum and acne off your face, there are also specialized ingredients that you may want to keep an eye out for.

Witch Hazel: When you have a lot of acne, witch hazel is one of the ingredients that your toner should have. Aside from helping tighten your pores and removing excess oil, it is also great at reducing skin redness and inflammation off your face.

Use face creams which contain natural ingredients and fragrance free

Salicylic Acid: Salicylic acid is another ingredient to look out for if you have acne-prone skin. Aside from being a powerful ingredient in keeping sebum off your skin, it is also excellent in reducing acne to repair skin. It provides deep cleansing for your pores so that you can avoid breakouts.

Hyaluronic Acid: If your face tends to dry up too much, hyaluronic acid is one of the best formulations that your toner should have. It can moisturize your skin and increase your skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Glycerin: For excellent moisturizing properties without triggering any inflammation on your skin, you can consider toners that have glycerin as their active ingredients. Aside from being a non-comedogenic ingredient, it also increases your skin’s natural hydrating properties.

Chamomile: Toners with chamomile are good at calming your skin. If you have sensitive skin, toners with this ingredient are recommended. They provide gentle cleansing without being harsh on your skin, so it would not trigger any skin condition or inflammation.


When you apply toners, it should be after you finish cleansing your face and before you proceed with additional skin treatments. Simply use a cotton pad or a cotton ball, pour a small amount of toner on it, and use it to wipe your face.

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When you encounter face serums, you might be wary when you look at their price tags. Compared to other skincare products, they tend to be heavier on the budget. Because of this, most people tend to skip them.

However, face serums can be holy grails for your skin. While cleansers and toners can cover the basics, serums are the facial products that provide additional vitamins and nutrients for your face.


With face serums, you can allow your face to enjoy a variety of benefits. Here are some ingredients that you can look for and what their advantages are.

Antioxidants: Various antioxidant ingredients face serums can have. If you want to keep away harmful radicals from your face and if you want to restore and revitalize your complexion, antioxidants are recommended for you.

Facial cream helps skin retain moisture stay hydrated and protects skinLactic Acid: If you have dark spots on your face and want to get rid of them, you should look for a serum with a lactic acid ingredient. These are excellent in keeping spots and uneven skin tone off your face.

Vitamin C: There are various benefits to Vitamin C. It can boost collagen production, energize your skin, and brighten your face. If you do not have any specific ingredient in mind, this is one of your safest bets.

Glycolic Acid: If you want your face to have a brighter and lighter complexion, you can opt for serums that have glycolic acid. It is an excellent formula that can lighten the tone of your face without doing damage to your skin.

Retinol: When you want your skin to be firmer or more elastic, you should try to find serums with active retinol ingredients. Aside from boosting your skin’s collagen production, it is also an effective way to get firmer and more elastic skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: If your skin tends to dry out too much, you might need to get a serum that can provide additional hydration. The serum can boost your skin’s natural hydrating properties with a hyaluronic acid moisturizer formula.


The most important thing to note when you apply serums is that it goes after your toners and before you add moisturizers or face creams for your face. This is because face creams tend to have heavier formulations and might block out the effects of the serum.

To use serum, apply a generous amount to your fingertips. Afterward, gently pat it on your skin. To spread it out, use an outward motion so that it covers your face thoroughly.


Compared to other products in this list, you might be wondering whether face cream is actually important. As it turns out, facial moisturizers are extremely important to your daily skincare! are still essential for your skincare routine.

Whether they are used to target acne or brighten your skin, face creams are formulations that can significantly enhance your skincare experience. They are usually loaded with nutrients and vitamins – so they provide significant upgrades for your skin.


Since your face cream will be used for additional nutrients and vitamins, you need to ensure that its ingredients are ideal for your skin. Here are some ingredients with their benefits to have an easier time deciding what face cream to use.

When selecting cream for your face use one with a sun protection factor to retain moistureSunscreen: If you are using a day cream, sunscreens can be great ingredients to look out for. Since you might be spending the day out in the sun, this ingredient will ensure that it can block harmful sun rays away from your face.

Vitamin C: Whether you use a day or night cream, you can use Vitamin C for multiple benefits. It can help brighten your skin. It can also even out pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Vitamin E: Whether you are looking for an excellent antioxidant or a practical brightening effect, you can get it with Vitamin E. It is better to find this ingredient for heavier night creams. It is an excellent ingredient that provides various skin benefits.

Retinol: Retinol is an active ingredient popular when it comes to night creams. It provides many advantages for your skin – from providing anti-aging effects to smoothing out fine lines. It can also help brighten your skin and keep it firm and elastic.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acid: If you want your skin to receive gentle exfoliation, you can choose to find face creams with alpha-hydroxy acids. With this ingredient, it can revitalize, soften, and brighten your skin.


Depending on the type of face cream you have, its application might be exclusive to your daytime or nighttime routine. Though there are face creams that explicitly state that they can be used at any time, you should remember to read the label. Use your clean fingers to scoop a generous amount to apply face cream. Then, slather them on your face. You can massage the cream on your face, too.


Even though people usually say less is more, that is not necessarily the case for skincare products. While the basic ones – like cleansers and toners – can keep your skin healthy now, adding additional treatments can be an excellent investment for the future.

Whether you are targeting specific benefits or want to medicate a skin problem, having a complete routine will ensure that your face remains firm, bright, and beautiful no matter your age.

When you build your skincare routine, it is also essential to determine your skin type: Combination skin, oily skin, dry skin and mature skin. This way, you will find the products that work best with your face.

After all, different skin types require different formulations. To get the most out of your skincare products, ensure that you use ingredients that can help your skin out.

When you apply skincare products, you should know which ones to use first. The rule of thumb is to start with a cleanser and then follow it with a toner.

If you use a serum or a face cream, make sure to apply the serum first. While they are not included in this guide, you can also look for spot treatments, sunscreens, face oils, and eye creams to your list of skincare products.

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