What is the Purpose of Eye Cream?

What is the purpose of eye cream

A skincare routine can feel very much like a ritual. No, not a ritual like conjuring up spirits to help you get rid of dark circles and fine lines.

Well, maybe that is in your ritual – who am I to say? But either way, sometimes that skincare ritual can become too routine that we forget the benefits of what exactly we are using.

Let’s take eye cream for example. Do you actually know why you use eye cream?

Or do you even use it at all? Maybe you figure that your daily moisturizer is enough and using an eye cream is just overkill.

Or maybe you use eye cream simply because you saw it in an Instagram ad and thought it looked cool. (That’s totally valid, by the way).

But if you’re not convinced that eye creams need to enter your skincare routine, maybe you need to reconsider. And no, this isn’t one of those articles that tries to convince you to buy that one eye cream you’ve been keeping tabs on.

Well, maybe it is. Either way, we’re just laying out the facts. So you can take in the benefits an eye cream has to offer, or you can leave it at the door of your skincare journey.

But first, let’s answer the most basic question. What does eye cream actually do?

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What does eye cream actually do?

Eyes are the windows to the soul. And sometimes, your soul can get tired.

Luckily, eye creams contain just the right ingredients to rejuvenate your skin. And your soul.

Eye creams treat the delicate skin around your eyes

#1. Eye creams can prevent signs of aging

In your skincare routine, you may notice that certain areas of your face and skin simply need more love. And that’s the perfect way to think of the area around your eyes.

Every day, the skin around your eyes goes through quite a lot. We’re talking about facial expressions, blinking, smiling, laughing, and exposure to the sun.

This often results in skin with fine lines, bags, and wrinkles like crow’s feet. Or, your skin might develop dark circles and puffiness – everybody’s different.

But let me be clear – this is no fault of your own. It’s simply the natural signs of aging.

Well, that and a lack of sunscreen. But if you’re looking to introduce an anti-aging cream into your skincare regimen, then eye cream is a great place to start.

See, the skin around the eyes is super sensitive. It’s thinner and has very few oil glands to help hydrate it.

So it’s not a surprise that your eyes will be the first area of attack when it comes to anti-aging. But an eye cream can treat that delicate skin around the eye area – that is if you apply the eye cream correctly

Most eye creams are formulated with antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients. So they’ll ensure that your eye area is no longer thin and full of enough bags to carry your groceries home.

Soon, you’ll look as youthful as ever while leaving it up to tote bags to do the heavy lifting. Just apply eye cream as a preventative measure in your anti-aging regimen.

#2. Eye creams can reduce under-eye puffiness and fine lines

You might be surprised to learn that puffiness under the eye area is actually fluid buildup. And fluid seems to invoke the thought of moisture which is good, right?

Well, not quite. That kind of puffiness in the skin can be caused by anything from sleep deprivation to allergies.

So, essentially, it’s the body’s way of compensating for a rough night of slumber or lack of hydration. You’d think, “Ok, I just need a moisturizer, right?”

Well, not quite, again. Sometimes, a moisturizer can contain ingredients that irritate the skin around the eyes.

In turn, this increases the signs of aging that you’re looking to prevent. Instead, eye cream reduces these visible signs of fatigue.

And the antioxidants and vitamins present in eye cream can revitalize your skin. Eye creams may vary in ingredients.

But think of it this way. You were taught to drink milk as a child to develop strong and healthy bones, remember?

Well, eye cream is like the equivalent of that. It works at the very foundation of your skin.

And with a strong foundation, fine lines and wrinkles hardly have room to come through. Your moisturizer may be formulated to create a good foundation for your overall face.

But when it comes to your eyes, you’ll want to use ingredients formulated for that delicate area. And it will only free up your natural and radiant appearance too!

Eye cream can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles

#3. Eye creams can lighten dark circles

Ever wonder why you develop those dark circles on the skin under your eyes? I’m not looking for the answers “a long night” or “stupid amounts of stress.”

No, I’m talking about the science behind it. Well, dark circles are actually a sign of deoxygenation.

Your blood needs oxygen. And when it’s well oxygenated, it appears bright red, ready to take on the world.

But when deoxygenated, your blood can darken. And your eye area is the tell-all sign of whether you’re receiving enough oxygen in your blood or not.

Kind of freaky to think about, huh? But it just acts as a reminder that our bodies don’t lie.

We might. But they won’t.

So ingredients in eye creams like retinol, AKA vitamin A, hyaluronic acid, and collagen help to specifically reduce puffiness in the skin. And they generally make you look more refreshed and supple.

Sounds like a dream, right? Normal moisturizers can sometimes cause irritation around the eyes.

But eye cream provides that perfect and gentle formula that makes you look like you had your beauty rest. Even if you didn’t.

That being said, don’t only rely on eye cream for the appearance of beauty rest. Make sure you get the sleep you deserve too!

#4. Eye creams prepare your skin for makeup

Think about all the things the skin around your eye area endures throughout the day. Talking, smiling, laughing, blinking, etc.

Now add makeup on top of that. It’s quite a lot to put your skin through, don’t you think?

Well, eye cream can actually help your skin prepare for these various activities. And it can smooth the skin, making it the perfectly silky canvas you need for your makeup.

You might find that the natural oil on your face makes your makeup run. Or maybe it just affects your concealer.

Try to apply eye cream beforehand and see if you come up with the same problem. Most likely, using eye cream will help your makeup apply more evenly and keep it in line throughout the day.

So eye cream could simply be a free beauty tip for your appearance. Not just chock-full of health benefits. (But don’t forget those benefits as well!)

#5. Eye creams strengthen and soothe the thin skin around the eyes

We don’t think about it often. But our eyes take a lot of abuse throughout the day.

Our eyes shrink when we step out into the sun. And we rub our eyes to wake up or whenever we feel itchy.

There’s just a boundless number of ways in which the appearance of our eyes can be affected by our external surroundings. So it only makes sense that our skin care routine takes the extra time to comfort our eyes.

Over time, our eye area loses some of its bounce as it ages. But luckily, eye cream helps the skin around your eye get back to its radiant self.

Eye cream also varies in texture and ingredients. So one eye cream might contain the benefits of a particular vitamin.

And another eye cream might contain a rich and creamy substance that soothes your skin with coolness. Other skin and eye cream can be light and non-greasy.

Basically, the list could go on and on. For every kind of skin type, there is an eye cream out there.

So up your skincare regimen and bring a free boost to your face. You might be wary of seeing a sign of aging crop up at the corners of your eyes.

But maybe the one sign of aging that you’ll happily invite in is that of wisdom. And using eye cream in your skincare regimen is surely a wise choice.

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Eye cream vs. facial moisturizers

Using eye cream can reduce puffiness and promote hydration

You might be thinking, “Why do I need eye cream if I already use my regular moisturizers?” And that’s a great question to ask!

While facial moisturizers and eye creams share a lot of ingredients, they tend to offer different benefits. But remember.

The skin around your eye area is particularly delicate. So irritation can occur from the ingredients used in your facial moisturizers that would not otherwise be present in the eye cream of your choice.

And besides, sometimes you’re looking to eliminate dark circles. Do you really have those dark circles hanging around the rest of your face?

It’s not likely. Ultimately, the main goal of eye cream is to deliver the unique and gentle ingredients that sensitive skin needs.

And what might those ingredients be, do you ask? Well, keep reading below to find out.

(Good) ingredients to look out for

We mentioned a couple of ingredients you should keep an eye out for. But here are a couple more to keep the skin under your eyes looking fresh and dewy.

Eye creams use ingredients like retinol peptides and hyaluronic acid


Have you ever been so tired you wanted to pour coffee on your eyes? No? Just me?

Well, there must be some logic there since eye creams commonly use caffeine in their formula. Caffeine is automatically formulated to give your body a boost.

So if your eyes are particularly tired, caffeine can definitely help. Dermatologists say that it can decrease the appearance of bags and dark circles you see around the eyes.

And it can help reduce puffiness even without having to put makeup on. Maybe somebody made that joke about wanting to pour coffee into their eyes to a dermatologist.

And they took it and ran with it. Who knows. But whoever thought of it, we’re certainly grateful they did.


As the name suggests, peptides can certainly add a little pep to your step! Peptides are amino acids with proteins like collagen and elastin.

So they hold every kind of ingredient that the sensitive skin around the eyes needs. Collagen is like the building block for your skin.

Think of it as the framework that keeps everything lifted up. So using eye cream with peptides can get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles while bringing back your youth!

Hyaluronic acid

Remember how we said that the skin around your eyes has very few oil glands? And this means that the eye area needs a little extra hydration?

Enter hyaluronic acid. Seriously, it’s like a superhero in this instance.

Hyaluronic acid is actually a naturally occurring substance in the body. So you should be free of concerns when using this ingredient.

It can treat the delicate area around your eyes while also protecting it from any sun damage. And your face won’t mind that nourishing cream if you put it on in the morning or at night.


Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and is a common ingredient in many skin care products. It plumps up your skin cells for a firmer hold.

And it evens out your skin tone to match the rest of your face. This makes retinol an ideal ingredient for the delicate skin around your eyes.

Say goodbye to dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. And say hello to a fresh face in the morning that lasts even through the night.

Eye eye, captain!

Eye creams have a number of benefits that you can infuse into your skin care regimen – which, should be seen as just as important as drinking water. With ingredients specifically formulated to treat such sensitive skin, your face will thank you for taking the extra time to treat your eyes.

Besides, your eyes are the vessels through which you see the world. You want them to reflect the positive attitude you bring to every new environment you enter.

Walk into a room with sad or tired eyes and the world will surely look a little bit droopy. But just taking that extra step with eye cream will help lift not just your skin, but your experience of the world too.

So treat yourself and your skin. And start using an eye cream to make the world around you look and feel better too.

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