Clean Finish Moistrio™+
Million Dollar
Formula II


The fourth step added to the Clean Finish Moistrio™ is truly a PLUS! The addition of the Intensive Hydration Mist significantly increases the effectiveness of your Moistrio™ systemas hyaluronic acid, a key ingredient in the mist, holds 1000 times its weight in water thus fully re-hydrating epidermal cells for a youthful dewy complexion. The Clean Finish Moistrio™+ is specially formulated specially formulated to enhance and maintain normal skin conditions.

Clean Finish Cleanser ™

The water-soluble Clean Finish Cleanser creates a flushing action to deep cleanse and loosen dead cell buildup, and patches of dry or oily skin for Fall! Helps leave a totally fresh, clean feel to the skin and helps with buildup of dead cells which can lead to blocked pores and a lack of translucent and soft, smooth skin. Gentle exfoliation encourages cellular turnover and helps prevent dead cell build up which can lead to blocked pore-openings and a lack of translucency and soft, smooth skin.

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Clean Finish Moisturizer™

This rich, water-soluble lotion with antioxidants provides the skin with moisture, the vital element in clear, smooth, youthful skin for Fall! Enhance normal skin by hydrating with this lightweight cream for a lustrous glow and skin that is soft to the touch.

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  • Thoroughly cleans, tones and moisturizes your skin and with the mist, you literally lock in the moisture your cells crave.
Cleanse, tone, and moisturize using the Moistrio™, then end with a spritz of the Intensive Hydration Mist to intensify the moisture and lock it in place.


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Million Dollar
Formula II”
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