“I have been using Viviane Woodard for over 40 years. I am now 89, and everyone thinks I look like I am in my 70’s. I played tennis up until I was 83 and everyone was amazed that my skin still looked amazing for being out in the sun. I will never do with out my Viviane Woodard, especially the water-based Enriched moisturizer!!” – Sheila Kelly

“I just received my order. It came so fast! Thank you Sheryl for your kind words and added treat of the aloe gel. Great for my upcoming 64th birthday next week. This is my 50th anniversary year of using Viviane Woodard Skincare that my mom Janet Johnson started my sister’s and I on back in 1970. Thank you for keeping the best skincare available. -Virginia Pellington

“I’ve used Viviane Woodard for 55 plus years. I was a former Consultant under the two Graces of Sugar Creek, Ohio. I am now 88 years old, and wouldn’t know of any other products that are as awesome. I hope you continue to offer Viviane Woodard.” -Patricia Grier

“I found you again a couple of years ago. My order arrived in good shape and literally made my day. I was a consultant in the 60’s under the successful Bernice Thiess.” -Berry Davis

“I’ve used Viviane Woodard since 1967 any my skin has always looked younger,  cleaner, very little wrinkles and I am now 69! “- Shaun Gallentine

“Years ago, when I went to a dermatologist regarding creases between my  eyes, he commented on my skin being translucent which was a complement. I  had used the Viviane Woodard skin care for years, at that time. I  started using it 57 years ago. I attribute Viviane Woodard to my  long-term youthful appearance which continues to this day. Viviane  Woodard’s skin care is the best for preserving a youthful skin.” I also love And Then Encore fragrance. It is a light floral scent I enjoy. Viviane Woodard’s Liquid Cameo Foundation is also awesome because  it looks natural and helps prevent sun burn. – Carol Lee Willis

“The best products. They really work. ❤️ I have been using for close to 55years. People comment on how good my  skin looks and how young I look. It helps with wrinkles and softness of  your skin. Using the Trio, Cellular Recovery, Vitamin C and Advanced Anti-aging night cream are some of the best products starting at a young age to an older age. I have used the trio for 54yrs, and everyone  thinks I am 20 years younger than I am. Thanks, Sheryl, for keeping us  going.”- Sharon Linam-Davis

“I absolutely cannot do without Illuminesse! I have used Viviane Woodard since the late 70’s. Can’t go without my moisturizer!” – Fredda Haskell Jackson

“I’ve used Viviane Woodard for Years. Phenomenal! I Love All Viviane Woodard Cosmetics,” – Jean Winslow

“I  wanted to give you a compliment after receiving my last order. Love  your black and white and hot pink packaging. Also, the thank you labels placed on top of the order package is a very nice touch. I have been a  VW customer since 1971 and have lived all over the U.S., but always made a  point to keep in touch with my VW consultant. Having access to your website is wonderful.” -Pamela Clark

“Love it! ❤️ I would like to share my beautiful products, first one is my Cellular Recovery Serum, over that I put Enriched Moisturizer. My face has such a great feeling and so smooth. Love 💕 these two products.”- Carol Besaw

“Still using Viviane Woodard! They have great products”- Florence Yee

“I’ve been using Viviane Woodard products for many years, and would not use anything else.” -Shirley Brooks Vokes

”I have used for over 40 years.” -Kate Boger

“Viviane Woodard’s eye cream is the best.”-Etta Hayden Bayly

“I have used Viviane Woodard since the 70’s and Love.💕”- Carol Browne

“Aging is a fact of life, but not when you are using Viviane Woodard Skincare.”- Barbara Justman

“I have been using Viviane Woodard for many years. I love the way it makes my skin feel and am amazed with how my skin looks. I would encourage everyone to use this wonderful product and experience the wonderful results.” -Lucille Liebner

“I have been using Viviane Woodard for 35 years, people are very surprised to hear my age. They are truly astonished and stare at me, like they don’t believe it. My face is almost wrinkle-free thanks to using Viviane Woodard “ -Becky Chargo

“I have been using Viviane Woodard Enriched Moistrio™ since 1967, which includes the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I will be 82 in March, and my skin still looks amazing thanks to Viviane Woodard. Wrinkle-free and no crows’ feet. “-Gail Nash

“I have been using since I was 18 years old and I never want to give it up. Mary Bulpit introduced me to Viviane Woodard, and I am now 89 years old and still using it.” -Edith King