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The Purity of Skincare for Over 66 Years.

For decades, Viviane Woodard has kept the promise that our founder made to the film industry in 1958.” We will create for you a line of beauty products and skincare that will be matchless in the industry, that will stand the tests and rigors of the sound-stage and set new standards for consistency and quality.” This is a promise by which Viviane Woodard Skincare lives to this day. It is the standard by which all Viviane Woodard products are measured. It is this same promise that earned Viviane Woodard the endorsement of the prestigious Society of Film makeup Artists.

Because Beauty Has a Thirst for Moisture.

Thousands and thousands of women using these for over 66 years can’t be wrong. Join them! The only thing you have to lose is the signature of time.

In 1958 Viviane Woodard’s research chemists Gordon Woodard and Ernest Bridegman, pioneered a truly extraordinary moisturizing process called vita-moisturization to quench that thirst scientifically. This process was effective in replacing the skin’s natural moisture. Just as nature, it is moisture that sustains all that is new and beautiful. It uses a water soluble oil molecule that acts as a “vehicle” to carry water and renewing nutrients into the skin’s fatty tissues(the tissue that gives you skin support, firmness and contour). This is essential element in having, a youthful skin. The same principle applies to your skin. Normal, healthy skin is 90% water, and it is this moisture, not oil, that gives skin its fresh, smooth texture. Everyday exposure to the sun, environment and pollution dehydrates and draws moisture out of your skin like a magnet. With Viviane Woodard’s revolutionary vita-moisturization process, our three step skincare programs carry actual water to your thirsty skin and re-hydrate the parched skin cells infusing them with fresh moisture, holding it there to beauty-bathe your skin like a fine, fine mist. Based on the then- revolutionary concept that water, not oil, gives our skin its fresh smooth texture. Today Viviane Woodard’s development laboratories continue to lead the way in the industry and offers extraordinary products that bring women results, so that each and every one can look and feel beautiful! Viviane Woodard’s ultra-pure water is water that has gone through the standard de-ionization process, but above and beyond that, has been put through a series of additional purification processes to provide you with the purest, safest, most effective water used in formulation and manufacture of Skin Care products ever! These purification processes are a Trade Secret of Viviane Woodard and set us apart from all other skincare products. In fact, they created a new standard that places us far above all other products! Treat your skin to the wonder of vita-moisturization before another day goes by.

Skin Care Products Made In North America.

All of our products are certified Cruelty Free.

At Viviane Woodard, we believe that you can’t beat the quality of North American made products. That’s why all of our skincare products are manufactured in the United States and Canada.

Our facility is FDA and OTC drug approved. Our manufacturing and standard operating procedures are at the highest levels and contribute significantly to assuring you that Viviane Woodard products are the best they can be. With Viviane Woodard you can be confident that you are receiving quality products that are not only high-performance, but are also pure, safe, and beneficial.

Viviane Woodard is also deeply committed to selling only cruelty-free products which also means we refuse to abuse animals and we are committed to exposing and end the use of animals in experiments.  We are certified with PETA, Beauty Without Bunnies. This means Viviane Woodard does not test our finished products on animals. Viviane Woodard does not test any of its ingredients on animals. Viviane Woodard does not hire a third party to test our products or ingredients on animals on our behalf. Viviane Woodard’s suppliers certify under no circumstances do they test on animals.

A Message From The Owner.

Viviane Woodard The Purity of Skincare and Performance!

Viviane Woodard has a proven history of dynamic skin care products, beauty enhancing cosmetics and a unique fragrance. For over 66 years, we have developed, produced, and sold tens of thousands of customers remarkable skin care and cosmetics that truly improve complexions and enhance beauty-no matter what age, no matter what condition. It is vital to the performance of a skincare product that the water used in the formulation and manufacture of the product is pure, uncontaminated and will not encourage bacteria growth or degradation of the product. Definitely, the purer the water, the better results! We have established a standard for the purification of water used in the formulation and manufacture of Viviane Woodard. This purification processes is Viviane Woodard’s  Trade Secret, and sets us apart from all other skincare products, making Viviane Woodard “The Purity of Skincare”. Savvy women want a proven line of skin care and a relationship with a company that respects and values them.  I wake up every day knowing I am helping women all over North America and growing a company rooted in a legacy of quality, innovation, and excellent customer service.

As we grow in the years to come, we remain grounded in our shared mission of great community pride. It is for this reason that we proudly create, formulate, and manufacture all our premium Viviane Woodard products right here in North America. All of our skin care products as well as our Cameo Liquid Foundation and Illuminesse are manufactured in a Health Canada/FDA approved facility that operates under GMP and has ISO9001 certified quality systems.


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