Water- Based Cameo Liquid Makeup ™


Cameo Liquid Makeup is the answer for that natural fresh looking,

flawless, even skin tone and texture for Winter!

The Irresistibly  foundation melts onto skin and provides a  a radiant finish.




1 oz.




  • Ultra moisturizing formula for a velvety, dewy look.
  • Protects the skin from sun exposure, wind and pollution.
  • Lightweight, porous and no fillers to clog pores or cause blemishes so skin breathes freely
  • Allergy tested and fragrance free, provides sun protection.
  • Blends skin toners for an even, natural-looking color with a smooth texture.
  • Will not streak, run or change color, even in hot weather or during strenuous exercise.
  • Water-soluble to help keep skin hydrated

With fingertips, place a dot of makeup on cheeks, forehead and chin. Use a makeup sponge (dry for greater coverage and slightly dampened for sheer coverage), to blend makeup so it is evenly distributed and covers obvious "lines." Also be sure to blend around hairline and under jaw lines and smooth evenly. Tip: How to select a makeup shade: Makeup should match a skin tone and coloring. To select the proper shade, place a dot of foundation at the jaw line and blend. A true match should not show a line of demarcation. Ruddy complexions should avoid rosy tones. During the summer months, a darker shade may be required. For evening, a lighter shade may be used to create a more dramatic look.
Fragrance Free

2 reviews for Water- Based Cameo Liquid Makeup ™

  1. Joann Bressett

    I have been using CAMEO foundation for over half of my life (I am now 64) I began using Cameo at age 30 when I was first introduced to Vivianne Woodard at a Womens Fellowship weekend! Many classes were offered throughout the weekend; “Beauty” was one of them, many of us attended it. A Vivianne Woodard Consultant conducted it with vital information on skin care and makeup for different skin types, skin tones, wardrobe colors to go with them… etc… It was so educational! enjoyable! and, informative! Even at age 30, I had very dry, taut skin with what I thought were already permanent creases. NO products were *offered* at that Seminar Class; it was just a great “beauty class” adressing all of our individual challenges, a great time of fellowship, and fun girl time! As soon as I arrived back home, I ordered the cleansing trio, and as time went on, added the great *night cream* and, humidifying moisturizing products… In less than a month – all wrinkles and creases were GONE! The CAMEO foundation added to my new Vivianne Woodard skin care regimen, has kept my face flawless and beautiful all these years!
    The Cameo foundation is light-weight yet erases all uneven-ness, flaws, and hydrates skin. Looks like I am NOT wearing ANY makeup because all of it’s benefits makes the face look ‘naturally’ beautiful and flawless!!! It is an investment every woman needs to make. Regardless of skin condition, skin / facial challenges, problems, or even those blessed with perfect skin – Vivianne Woodard has what you want for your particular skin care needs.
    …Take it from a very grateful Vivianne Woodard Customer – of 34 years now! Joann

  2. rrb_44408 (verified owner)

    My mom sold Vivianne Woodard back in the 60ies. She is now in her 80ies and her skin still is great. I have used this foundation since a teenager and no one can believe I am in my late 60ies. This company was way ahead of its time!!

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