Satin Finish Brow Highlighter



Create instant, eye-opening looks with four new shades for Spring! It’s time to get creative and redefine your brows with this innovative eye-opening brow highlighter. This portable crayon brightens and highlights brows, instantly creating an eye-opening, brow-lifted look. Glides on easily to enhance and define the brow bone for a gorgeous, framing effect.

0.11 oz.



  • Defines brow bone.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Satin finish.
  • Illuminates brow area.


Tip: The placement of your eyebrow highlighter dictates the overall look and effect the highlighter has on the shape, size, and definition of your eye and brow area. Placing a small amount of highlighter at the end of the brow around the temple area will add dimension and give an overall glow to the skin. Our Brow highlighter is a great choice to add a natural glow to the brow bone. The best way to apply is to take a bit on your finger and gently tap along the brow bone and along the temples. The main goal of highlighting the brow is to define your eye area and make them look bigger. To amplify the effect and create a spark. Place highlighter in the corner of the eyes, in addition to beneath the brow bone. When it comes to highlighter around the brow bone, a little goes a long way. Too much highlighter in this area can look distracting, so the key is to be subtle with your application. Eyebrow highlighter can lift the appearance of the eye to create a wider gaze.
Vitamin C conditions and provides antioxidant protection.  Formulated without Parabens.


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