Cologne Mist – And Then… ENCORE ™


In the same family as And Then…, this elegant new scent blooms

with jasmine and sweet pea nestled in a sensuous musk and violet base.

Look for notes of white lily, vanilla and a hint of pineapple.

Especially nice for Spring!


1.5 oz

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  • The sense of smell connects us to our emotions and can trigger memories, feelings and even desires in a powerful way and make a positive effect on one’s enjoyment of life.
  • Fragrance makes a statement about who we are and complete the image we want to project.
  • Fragrance takes on a distinctive note with each individual as it reacts to our body chemistry.
  • The same fragrance can vary on different people, for this reason, never rule out a fragrance without giving it a try.
Spray on lightly after Body Shampoo and Body Lotion to enhance your fragrance.


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