Enriched Moistrio™
Formula I


Our 3 step system is designed to thoroughly and gently clean,

prepare the skin to accept moisture, and then hydrate dry skin!

First introduced in 1958, the Enriched Moistrio™ has been the daily ritual for hundreds of thousands of customers.

It is recognized as exceptionally effective in correcting the skin’s  oil/moisture balance.

It uses a water soluble oil molecule that acts as a vehicle to carry water and renewing nutrients into the skin.

This program requires the actual application of water in the moisturizing step to “plump”dry, rough skin.

It is recommended for normal to dry or excessively dry/oily skin , and is excellent for the more mature Skin.

Enriched Cleanser™

Leaves your complexion feeling fresh, clean and radiant for Winter!

A gentle and moisturizing cleanser that removes makeup, impurities and excess oil from the pores and surface of the skin.

Viviane Woodard's water soluble Cleanser work with water molecules to deep clean.

It's the beginning of the softening process so moisturizers can work at their full potential.

This product is the most important to good skincare.

If the cleanser is not water soluble, dead cells will build up which can lead to clogged pores and blemishes.

Skin will loose it translucency.

It will leave a film on the skin and block the absorption of moisture into the skin.

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Toner™( For All Formulas)

The Toner restores the skin's surface and normalizing

the skin's pH balance, preparing it to receive moisture!

It should always be a part of your daily routine.

Begin the moisturizing process with natural alpine herbs to help soothe, soften and heal the skin.

Non-astringent, alcohol-free, formulated to prepare your skin to fully absorb moisture.

Safe around eyes, this toner can be used to remove any remaining eye makeup.

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Enriched Water Based Moisturizer™

Achieve complete hydration with our best

water based moisturizer containing antioxidants for Winter!

This is a rich, water- soluble lotion that provides the skin with moisture,

the vital element in clear, smooth, youthful skin

while it's antioxidants combat damage done by free radicals.

Designed for skin with signs of dryness, lacking in luster or which is more mature.


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Identify your skin type by the following conditions:

  • Pores that are for the most part small or almost invisible
  • skin that is often tight, slightly dry and /or shows flakiness
  • skin that usually looks dry with a dull or matte finish
  • skin that rarely has problems with clogged pores. pimples, whiteheads, or black heads
  • skin that has lines, loss of elasticity, and signs of dryness.
Cleanse: Massage gently onto face and throat, using a wet sponge , face cloth or fingertips. Use an upward motion and outward motion. Rinse thoroughly . rinse thoroughly with warm water. Tone: After cleansing, moisten a cotton pad with the toner and wipe over face and throat, using short, gentle strokes in an upward and outward motion. Moisturizer: After cleanser and toner, gently massage moisturizer over face and throat with fingertips, using Upward and outward motion, until absorbed. Complete application by moistening fingertips with water or Hydra Moist, and massaging onto skin surface until absorbed moisten fingertips and repeat.

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Enriched Water Based Moisturizer™


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Formula I

  1. lakyiah1

    This collection is fantastic! I was introduced to the product by my wonderful neighbor and have been using for a few weeks now. My skin continuously feels moisturized throughout the whole day. I have tried so many different products in my 34 years and I can say the search is over! Highly recommend this collection.

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