The Viviane Woodar Purity Promise
Each Viviane Woodard product is the result of intensive research and development by our research chemists and technical advisory board personnel. These industry leaders have advanced degrees covering the areas of cosmetic chemistry, physics, molecular biology and genetics and bring their expertise to the fore in developing state of the art formulations. 
Each ingredient used is rigorously tested for quality and purity at each stage of manufacture, to ensure that Viviane Woodard products are the purest that we can make them. Each batch of products manufactured undergoes extensive quality control and quality assurance procedures to ensure its purity and safety.

Viviane Woodard is committed to helping the earth.


We love our pets! So at Viviane Woodard, we are passionately committed to not using animals in the testing of our products. Every Viviane Woodard product is allergy-tested on human beings, not furry friends!


Viviane Woodard only uses biodegradable peanuts (static-free), which decompose in water leaving no toxic waste.

We further support the environment by using conscious packaging and containers as well as recyclable and compostable boxes.