Brush On Brow
(Gluten Free & Vegan)


Get Them in Shape And Raise A Few Brows With Brush On Brow.

Brows are everything right now for Spring!

Draw attention to your brows with our innovative new brow product.

Brush up your brows for Spring with this Dense, deeply pigmented

powder that will  help fill in, shape and contour.

Jet milled powder provides a smooth, velvety, natural looking finish.

0.11 oz.




  • Easy-to-apply formula brushes on to transform sparse brows into fuller looking brows
  • Longwearing powder adheres to brows and skin for hours of beautiful wear
  • Soft, velvety, natural looking finish
Tip: When choosing your eyebrow powder color try to find a color similar to your natural hair color.
A- Where your Eyebrows should Begin: Hold the eyebrow pencil upright against your nose. Look where the pencil meets the brow line. The edge of the pencil that is closer to your nose marks the line where your brow should start. Use the water liner to mark this location.
B– The Perfect Arch: To find your ideal arch point, hold the brow pencil against the side of your nostril towards the outer edge of your iris. Locate where the pencil meets your eyebrows and mark this spot with the Water liner pencil.
C– Where Your Eyebrows Should End: Hold the brow pencil against the side of your nostril towards the outer corner of your eye. Locate the spot where the pencil meets the brow line. That is where the tail of your eyebrow should be. Mark the edge of the pencil that is closer to your eyes with the water liner pencil. If your eyebrows go beyond this point, use tweezers to remove the excess hair.
D- Applying the Brush on Brow Powder: Brush out brows with a spookie. Using an angle brush apply the powder to both sides of the brush, shaking off the excess or for more dramatic brows, dip your angled eyebrow brush in some water and then in the eyebrow powder. Start at the inner corner of the brow and work your way out with small strokes. Brushing the pigment on the brow in the direction of your hair growth . Make sure to use small hair light upward stokes to fill in sparse brows.
E- Finishing touch: We recommend using a Brow Set, Brow Highlighter, and Concealer. Brow set will set your brows for all day. The Brow Highlighter is used to highlight your brow bone, which will give your brows an instant lift! Concealer is used to clean up areas you need to fix.

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Copper Blonde, Soft Smoke, Dark Brown, Ebony


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(Gluten Free & Vegan)”
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