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How to use Vitamin C Serum

How to Use Vitamin C Serum

By Vivane Woodard / June 4, 2020

Where do we even begin when it comes to Vitamin C serums? It appears to be everyone’s favorite vitamin, it’s in numerous serums for the face now, and it’s so cool that even a pop singer in the 90s went by the name “Vitamin C.” Apparently naming yourself after nutrients gave you a lot of…

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When to apply sunscreen

When To Apply Sunscreen

By Vivane Woodard / May 29, 2020

Does your sensitive skin fear a cruel, cruel summer? Are you feelin hot hot hot? If you want to enjoy a summer breeze that makes you feel fine, and not worry about a full-body burn, then have that sunscreen handy! And don’t forget your other best buddies that help you deal with the summer sun:…

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How to make hair moisturizer

How to Make Hair Moisturizer 

By Vivane Woodard / May 21, 2020

When summer comes rolling around we often focus our fretting about the sun on our skin, and lather on that sunscreen to stay safe. However, we would all do well to remember hair care as well. While you may wear a hat to avoid excessive exposure, your hair still sees some sun and can get a little…

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When to Use Vitamin C Serum

By Vivane Woodard / May 14, 2020

Maybe  you’ve seen yourself staring back at you recently on a Zoom work meeting, or that HouseParty call with your cousins, and you thought, that face could use a little lift…a little zhuzhing. Well, first off, whoever invented that front-facing camera was not considering what the close-up does to our delicate egos. Secondly, don’t fret,…

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How to Use Moisturizing Spray Viviane Woodard

How To Use Moisturizing Spray

By Vivane Woodard / May 7, 2020

A spritz, a splash, a sprinkle, or a spray. Even hearing these words can paint a picture of a refreshing respite from the routine, and a much needed moisture break. Whether escaping the heat or fighting dryness, a fine mist on your face can work wonders for your skin. However, you don’t need to wait…

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How To Make Homemade Makeup Primer

How To Make Homemade Makeup Primer

By Vivane Woodard / April 30, 2020

Whether you’re about to reveal your ready-for-my-close-up fully made-up face or are just heading out with some tinted sunscreen and the bare minimum of make-up, applying a layer of face primer can be a big plus. Many people pass on this step since it’s something they’ve never tried or didn’t know they needed. Others may…

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11 Ways To Make Your Own DIY Lip Mask

11 Ways To Make Your Own DIY Lip Mask

By Vivane Woodard / April 9, 2020

Most people think of masks as something you use to cover up, but sometimes the focus is on the big reveal. With lip masks, it’s what’s underneath that matters. Sometimes our lips need a little extra lovin’ and that’s when a lip mask or scrub comes in. There are several nourishing fruits, oils, and exfoliants…

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5 Tips To Moisturize Dry Lips 2020

By Vivane Woodard / April 2, 2020

Some things are meant to be dry – like firewood, the desert sand, and a certain kind of sarcasm. Your lips should not be on that list. Your lips should be on Hall & Oates’ list of the best things in life – or wait – was that your kiss? Well, now that we’re recalling…

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How To Take Care Of Your Face and Look Naturally Flawless

12 Ways To Take Care Of Your Face And Look Naturally Flawless

By Vivane Woodard / March 26, 2020

If you are one to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say, “Hey there, you gorgeous, flawless, incredible creature,” then good on you! You have some spectacular self-confidence, and will be virtually unstoppable with that positive attitude. And if your day starts off a little slower, fear not! Self-care starts from…

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25 Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls To Look Flawless.jpeg

25 Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls To Look (and Feel) Flawless

By Vivane Woodard / March 19, 2020

Being a teenage girl is tough, parents will often tell you as you roll your eyes at them (spoiler alert: they can see you, but they did the same thing at your age). There’s homework to do, and hormones to deal with, and you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.…

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