What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do For Acne?

What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do For Acne

Hyaluronic acid is now the trend, but it may not just be a fleeting fad. Even though it is best known as a humectant, which is a chemical that helps the body hold on to water, it can be used for other things besides keeping the skin from getting old. Hyaluronic acid also helps soothe…

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Why Are My Lips Always Dry And Peeling?

Why Are My Lips Always Dry And Peeling

From having to deal with constant discomfort in your lips to feeling pain every time you eat something, dry, chapped lips can drive anyone mad, especially if they start peeling or cracking. And what’s worse: sometimes it is completely out of your control, since one of the most common reasons for dry lips is cold…

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When To Exfoliate In Your Skin Care Routine

When To Exfoliate In Skin Care Routine

Your skin changes as you get older. You might see more sun spots, dryness, or wrinkles. But don’t panic, there are actions you can undertake to maintain the healthiest looking skin. When should you exfoliate? Learn how to include an exfoliant into your regular skin care routine and when to exfoliate! Most certainly, by this…

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Where to Apply Liquid Foundation

Where To Apply Liquid Foundation

A liquid foundation is one of the most popular forms of foundation because it’s easy to use and offers great coverage. There are lots of different types of foundations and thousands of shades to choose from. For women who want full coverage that lasts all day, liquid foundation is the way to go. In this…

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How Do Chemical Exfoliants Work?

How Do Chemical Exfoliants Work

By now, you’ve probably decided to add exfoliation into the mix of your skin care routine. But how exactly does chemical exfoliation work over physical exfoliation? Below, you’ll find all the answers to chemical exfoliation and how it differs from physical exfoliation. With so many different chemical exfoliants out there, it can be hard to…

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What Skincare Products Contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid?

What Skincare Products Contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid

As you know, there are different types of acids commonly found in many skincare products. So, when you take a look at the ingredients that you are using, chances are that you would find a specific type of acid in one of them. However, not every skincare acid has the same attributes and they aren’t…

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