How To Use Primer On Your Face

At one age or another, you probably traded out coloring books for makeup. Colored pencils or paint brushes just didn’t do it for you anymore.

And besides, raiding through your mother’s makeup drawer was way more fun. (Not to mention the added thrill of being caught!)

But when you think about it, your artistic journey didn’t necessarily stop when you put those coloring books away. You just shifted canvases.

That is, from paper to skin. And like a paper canvas, your skin needs to be prepped and primed in order to deliver the most out of your makeup routine.

So, where do you start? And what exactly can you ask your makeup primers to do for you?

Turns out quite a bit! Primers aren’t simply for making you look good.

They’re here to make you feel good too. So read on and find out how you can make your makeup look last. And most importantly, just have fun with it, you makeup artist, you.

How to use primer on your face

What is primer?

The perfect way to think of makeup primers is similar to that of paint primers. They provide a solid base and smooth surface for the rest of your makeup routine.

And they can help your makeup look last longer. Primers also come in all different varieties and for various parts of your face.

So the skin around your eyes, lashes, cheeks, and lips can all be taken care of. Different face primers can also tackle different issues that you’re looking to address.

This is also to say that any and every skin type is welcome to partake in the magical world of makeup primer. So if you have dry skin, oily skin, want to even your skin tone, and more, there’s certainly a face primer out there for you.

No, seriously, just spin the wheel of face primers and you’re guaranteed to find the answer you’ve been looking for. So, buckle up. Because there’s plenty of primers for you to get acquainted with.

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Types of makeup primer

Get ready. Because you’re about to walk into the candle store of makeup primers galore.

Mattifying face primer

If you have oily skin, then you’re well aware of the struggle that is foundation. Sometimes, your foundation decides to slide off midday.

Or your foundation will blend in a weird way that you definitely didn’t intend. But a mattifying primer can help you tackle these foundation issues once and for all.

A silicone-based primer acts as the perfect barrier between your skin and your makeup. And it doesn’t hurt that these kinds of face primers also blur and smooth your pores along the way too.

Do keep in mind that if you use a silicone-based primer, then you should follow it up with a silicone-based foundation. Mixing water-based primers with non-water-based foundations can cause a “pilly” look.

And let’s be real. You don’t want to have to wear that all day.

Hydrating face primer

You know all those yummy ingredients like hyaluronic acid and antioxidants? Okay, well, maybe yummy isn’t the right word.

You definitely don’t want to eat those up. But your dry skin will!

Makeup users with dry skin will absolutely glow from the benefits of a water-based hydrating face primer. And that means no more concealer getting packed into rough patches or pores, giving you that flaky appearance.

If you do have dry skin, just be sure to avoid any silicone-based primers. Water-based is definitely the way to glow.

And even try pairing it with our Water-Based Cameo Liquid Makeup. You won’t regret it!

Makeup primer can help you maintain your makeup look for longer

Blurring primer

If you’ve ever wanted a real-life airbrush tool, then a blurring makeup primer is the perfect formula for you. This primer doesn’t necessarily mattify your face and skin.

Instead, it applies a smoothing texture to any fine lines or wrinkles. Paired with a solid moisturizer – preferably one with hyaluronic acid – this face primer works to reinvigorate your skin and pores all while restoring your natural beauty.

And it really is like photoshop come to life. Did I just hear you say, “Thank you, makeup gods”? Or was it just me?

Eyeshadow primer

If there was an award for wearing off by mid-day, caffeine and eye makeup would definitely take the cake. Cue us handing you another cup of coffee and an eye primer.

An eye primer is great for making both eyeshadow and eyeliner last longer throughout the day. Typically, your skin’s natural oil and pores can start to wear down your makeup.

But applying primer beforehand can easily help you create and maintain that winged eye look. And let’s be real – that wing didn’t just brush itself on.

It definitely took you a couple of tries to get it right. So it’s only fair that the wing itself should last until noon. Right?

Color-correcting primer

Okay, this kind of makeup primer is really fun. Because it uses the magic of color theory and applies it to your skin!

You can even out redness in your skin tone with a green color-correcting face primer. Or use a blue-based primer to offset yellow hues in your skin tone.

Even try out our Illuminesse Corrective Primer that corrects under-tint balances. And apply makeup like it’s alchemy on your face. 

Whoosh, redness be gone! And who doesn’t love adding another layer of magic to their skincare routine? Sign my skin up!

Mascara primer

Not all of us have been blessed with voluptuous eyelash hair that holds a curl naturally. But when you apply primer to your eyelash hair, you can easily achieve that same look.

Most mascara primers are made with nourishing ingredients. So the primer also helps to strengthen your lashes – not just make them look good.

I know what you’re thinking. A makeup primer that promotes longer wear and continued strengthening?

That’s a win-win. For both my lashes and my skin!

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Lip primer

If you love playing with color on your lips, then use a primer. A makeup primer helps the skin of your lip hold color longer.

And it will give you that perfect matte surface you need to apply your makeup and lipstick smoothly. You can even apply primer for a nude lip if you’re going for a more subdued look.

Either way, this makeup primer will have you locked in for the day. No more color bleeding onto your skin.

No more getting lipstick on your teeth. Just a colorful you, free of worry thanks to a special primer on your skin!

Primers can address different skin health issues like dry skin oily skin enlarged pores or uneven skin tone

Anti-aging primer

If your skin type has seen better days, consider an anti-aging makeup primer. Most include SPF in their primer formulas for added protection.

And they can help to smooth and even out skin tone. For example, the benefits of our Vegan Retexturizing Face Primer include improving skin texture and diffusing imperfections for a fault-free base. 

So say hello to this smoothing primer that delivers a hydrating glow to your skin. And goodbye to any fine lines that are otherwise disrupting your masterpiece.

Illuminating primer

Ever feel like your liquid foundation – even with all the right minerals – makes your face smooth but a little lifeless? Like you were more of a painting than a person?

Well, an illuminating face primer can add dimension and glow. All you need to do is apply this primer all over or simply to the high points of your face.

You can even forgo the foundation and wear this primer alone! Sounds risky, but you can’t go wrong with an illuminating primer.

For any skin type, illuminating primer can simply help liven up your skin a bit. And give you that sweet primer glow.

Pore minimizing primer

Sometimes, pores tend to dominate your face. And you’re tired of them dominating your entire beauty routine.

Use a face primer with a pore-minimizing formula like our Vegan Pore Perfecting Face Primer. And tell those oily pores to go take a hike!

In one fell swoop, this primer can mattify your face. And get rid of the shine and grease that accompanies oil and acne.

Primer? Why yes, and I haven’t even met her!

How to apply face primer

Choosing the best makeup primer for you is only the first step in the process. Now, get ready to learn the best techniques when applying these primers to your gorgeous canvas.

#1. Cleanse your face

Any beauty routine requires a clean foundation. So apply a gentle cleanser and wash your face of any impurities.

You can even naturally exfoliate certain areas, like the site where acne loves to pop up. You just want to create the perfect foundation layer of clean skin for the rest of your makeup look to lay upon.

Always clean your face before applying a primer or makeup

#2. Moisturize

Now that your face is free of dirt and other bacteria, use a lightweight moisturizer. Make sure you wait long enough for your face moisturizer to settle in.

You don’t want to rush the process. Besides, skincare is also therapeutic, right?

So use this time to nurture dry skin. And make sure your canvas is fully prepped – even before the primer itself.

#3. Apply sunscreen

Sunscreen doesn’t necessarily make your skin look any better. But it helps to maintain your skin type throughout the years and exposure to the sun.

Too many makeup users forget this step. Remember – skincare is way easier when it’s preventative.

#4. Prep the primer

Okay. The moment you’ve been waiting for.

Squeeze out a small amount of your primer on the back of your hand. You really don’t need too much.

Gently warm up the primer with your clean fingers. Then start to dab it all over your face or to the specific site you’re looking to prime.

#5. Gently rub it in

If you’re applying a full face primer, start at your nose. Then blend out.

Make sure to get that makeup primer into every crevice. That’s right – cheeks, around your nose, temples, forehead line, chin.

And always do this step gently. You don’t want to smear it in too roughly.

Use a small amount of primer when applying to your face since less is more and a little goes a long way

#6. Wait for it to absorb

Once you’ve applied the makeup primer all over your skin, let it sit. This only takes but a second.

But it’s important for primers to settle in and get comfy before you apply foundation, like our Vegan Mineral Liquid Foundation. Then, the real magic can start to happen. 

Your masterpiece awaits

Makeup can help you feel more like yourself. Or it can allow you to explore new looks, discovering new facets of your identity.

But most importantly, makeup should be fun! And it’s no fun when it’s sliding off your face due to excess oil or enlarged pores.

So invest in a primer that meets your needs. And make your masterpiece one that lasts throughout the day.

You deserve to feel as beautiful as you are on the inside. And a primer can help you coax that angel out.

Sometimes, you just need a little boost. And the perfect primer is waiting out there to give you that little bit of encouragement you need to face the day, beautified and all.

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