How To Use Toner And Moisturizer

Worrying about the health of your skin? We get it. Choosing the right skin care regimen can be a challenge – especially if you are new to skincare products.

You may asking yourself, “should I use a moisturizer, a toner, or a toning moisturizer?” Viviane Woodard has based its successful skin care philosophy on the phrase, “Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize.”

Why? Because we know that following just those three steps is guaranteed to give you healthier skin. And there’s nothing more important than a solid skin care routine.

While the cleansing part seems easy enough, knowing what kind of toner and moisturizers to use and how to use them can be a little more complicated.

Here are the best ways you can use a toner and moisturizer for your skin type. If you’re worried about your sensitive skin, speak to a dermatologist before using skincare products.

How to use toner and moisturizer


If you are wondering what a toner can do for your skin, it is simple! They tone your skin. And, toning your skin is the removal of excess oil, dirt, and makeup. Yes, even that itty bit of primer that gets left under your masterpiece. 

Choosing a mild, alcohol-free toner can work wonders for any skin type. If you opt for harsh toners or alcohol-based toners, there is a possibility that they may lead to red, dry skin.

Toners also keep your skin fresh, glowing, and excess oil-free. A face toner also balances the pH levels of the skin. Witch Hazel is a popular and preferred toner for oily skin.

Facial toners:

  • Keep your skin clean and fresh
  • Get rid of excess oil from the face
  • Annihilate toxins from the skin
  • Enhance complexion
  • Tighten open pores

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Before you are all set to use a toner, you need to complete the first step: Cleanse your face. Using a water-based cleanser is always the first step for a healthy skin care regimen.

Once you are done with cleansing, you can start applying the toner to your face. To apply the toner to your face, use a cotton pad or cotton ball. Dip or spray the toner onto a cotton ball or bad and gently rub it across your face.

Allow it to dry naturally. While you apply the toner, be sure not to apply it near the eyes. If you have dry skin, don’t use toner more than once a day.

If you have combination skin, see that you apply toner specifically to the oily parts of your face. This way you can leave your skin fresh looking and youthful!

Back in the day, toners were alcohol-based leaving skin stinging and irritated. However, toners are now made with mild, hydrating elements that balance out the look and texture of your skin.

They are also made with natural ingredients to treat dry skin and special exfoliants needed to treat acne. The toner basically acts like a primer which helps to absorb the ingredients properly later on.

If you’ve ever tried looking for a toner, you probably realized that there are hundreds of them on the market. Here are a few suggestions that may help you choose your toner:

  1. Shop cruelty-free. Use a toner that is cruelty-free, and ethically sourced and manufactured.
  2. Look for a toner that has salicylic acid, glycolic acid or lactic acid. The presence of this ingredient will help you unclog pores. When clogs are unclogged, this can lead to lesser breakouts and lesser blackheads. You will see this happening over a course of time.
  3. If you have dry skin, go with a toner that contains lactic acid.
  4. If you have oily skin then go with one that contains salicylic acid.
  5. You can always shop for a hydrating toner. These toners compensate and replenish any water lost in the skin’s barrier.

After you wake up every morning, and before you go to sleep, be sure to cleanse your skin. Allow it to dry and wait for a minimum of 5 minutes. Once it is completely dry, apply the toner.

If you apply the toner before your skin dries, you may end up neutralizing the acid in it. Once you are done with cleansing your skin, apply the toner and then moisturize.

No amount of moisture is too much for the skin. Your skin just enjoys moisture, so make it happy!

Make sure you know your skin type before you apply toner and moisturizer


If you want to save money, or prefer to make your own skincare products, you can also make some toners at home. If you want to try your hand at making toner, here are two simple recipes:

Get two cups of fresh clean water and 2 cups of mint leaves. Boil the mint leaves in water. Allow it to cool.

Strain the water from the leaves and put it in a bottle container (a  small spray bottle or small bottle with a cap/lid would be best). Spray or dip a cotton pad into the mint water and apply it to your face.

A second recipe: You’ll need 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar, one cup of chopped mint leaves.

Keep the leaves immersed in the vinegar for 20 minutes and then add a cup of fresh, clean water to the mixture. Place the solution in a sealed bottle or spray bottle, then refrigerate the solution and apply it twice daily (in the morning and night).


There are a number of organic toners available as well. These toners are made with natural, organic ingredients and contain little to no chemicals. Look for organic toners that contain cucumber.

This will leave your skin fresh, improving its texture and reducing puffiness. Toners are often enhanced with antibacterial properties which help prevent skin infections. The cooling properties of the toner leave the skin soft.

The application is the same for every toner: Cleanse your face, pat it try, and apply the toner over your face. Moisturize immediately after, and allow your skin to dry naturally.

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The importance of cleansers and toners is quite evident, but what about the moisturizer? Why moisturize the skin when the skin is already clean?

Because face moisturizers lock in hydration, and hydrated skin is healthy and less vulnerable to premature aging. That said, moisturizing is a vital part of your daily skincare routine.

It also protects the skin from any form of irritation. People who follow the Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize regimen when they are young are going to have much better skin when they are older.

Since there is no need to wash off the moisturizer, it is one of the easiest skincare routines to follow. Most moisturizers contain vitamins and other crucial ingredients that may benefit the skin.

If you want to prevent breakouts, then you have to moisturize. Dry skin is a cause of breakouts. Moisturizing the skin can help you deal with a number of dry skin problems–even oily skin.

Moisturizers can further balance your skin’s complexion. And just in case it isn’t obvious, there is no gender bias when it comes to maintaining proper skincare. Skincare is equally important to men as it is for women. 

Toners can be helpful to balance acne prone skin


People with various skin types have to choose moisturizers accordingly. People with sensitive skin should pick moisturizers that are hypoallergenic and free of fragrance. These types of moisturizers are gentle on the skin.

Better yet, use a moisturizer that is water-based and free of harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin. Avoid moisturizers that have alcohol content. This will make your skin irritated.

People with oily skin should also opt for water-based products. They will replenish the skin better, and provide healthy balance to the skin’s texture and composition.

For dry skin, use a thicker, emollient moisturizer. This will help your skin look better and feel softer.

Finally, for normal skin, you can buy a moisturizer that is non-greasy and water-based.

If you are able to find a moisturizer that will help you protect against UV rays, and includes some SPF – even better. You should be applying SPF daily regardless of your activities. UV rays are responsible for damaging your skin cells.

They cause your skin to become dry and flaky. If you are able to give your skin adequate protection and hydration before getting exposed to the sun, then your skin may remain youthful for a long time.


Moisturizers have become an important part of the skincare regimen due to their immense healing and hydrating properties, especially if they include hyaluronic acid, one of the best ingredients a moisturizer can contain. Moisturizers nourish the skin.

They also protect your skin from environmental irritants and sun damage. But most importantly, they keep the skin hydrated, thereby preventing cracking, irritation and dryness.

Moisturizers also restore the collagen content of the skin. The skin becomes less prone to damage and aging when you opt for a good moisturizer.

Use a cotton pad and alcohol free facial toner for improved skin


While you apply moisturizer, see that you apply it on clean, but damp (not dry) skin. This helps you to seal and trap the hydration. All you have to do is dab some small drops of moisturizer on your neck and face.

Massage well in an upward, circular motion until it blends into the skin. You use an upward motion to massage and to ensure it blends well with the natural structure of the skin.

You may start the application from the cheek, use an upward movement and gently apply on the forehead, the nose, around the eyes and finally the chin.

Using a good moisturizer can prevent a lot of skin problems. Take care not to use a moisturizer with SPF during the night. Doing so may lead to clogged pores.

When pores get clogged, you’re likely to experience breakouts. Once you are done moisturizing the face, moisturize the neck, use the same upward motion to ensure the moisturizer blends well with the skin.

Avoid using any sort of moisturizer or cream too close to the eyes as it may cause irritation. Besides, that’s what your eye cream is for!


A dry, splotchy complexion! Yes, this is what you may experience when you fail to moisturize.

The health of your skin totally depends on the way it is taken care of. The moisture the skin retains, the cleanliness it maintains, etc. Healthier skin is what leads to a healthier complexion.

Using hot water while cleansing, smoke, dry air, polluted air, etc., are some of the ways skin turns unhealthy. Your skin dries out and eventually leads to skin-related problems.

Moisturizing the skin soon after a shower or bath is the best way to lock the moisture. Lack of moisture in the skin also leads to failure in regenerating cells.

When cells fail to regenerate, it leads to the secretion of sebum in excess. A hydrated skin, on the other hand, retains the required moisture. This helps in retaining the skin complexion as well.

The sebum glands become less efficient as you age and as a result, there is overproduction of oil. When you opt to moisturize at a young age, you choose to age gracefully. Moisturizing your skin helps you age with lesser evidence.

There are products that claim to reverse the aging effects. However, it is always better to follow a good skincare routine proactively to reduce the effects of aging.

When you do not moisturize properly when you are young, you tend to have more fine lines and wrinkles. Aging is unstoppable.

While you may experience fine lines and wrinkles, it may be less, if you moisturize while you are young. Work with your skin cells if you want them to work for you!

You can still use a facial toner and moisturizer even if you have sensitive skin


Many people miss out on toning and moisturizing from their skincare routine. This is mainly because they see toning and moisturizing as optional or as-needed steps. However, they are two crucial steps to having healthy, glowing skin, and should never be missed!

Especially if you wear makeup. Any liquid foundation with healthy minerals in it should be laid upon skin that’s freshly hydrated.

Ensuring that your skin is properly hydrated will prevent any issues related to skin. Taking care of your skin is vital and choosing a good toner and moisturizer is the key. Indulge in self care, by caring for your skin with beneficial choices. Start today and shine bright!

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