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Healing Body Balm ™

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This Daily Moisturizer  all over creamy , non scented body lotion is enriched with intensive moisturizers, healing botanical’s  and a high level of Aloe Vera.

It soothes and heals rough skin and helps prevent dry, flaky and chapped skin.

Aloe Vera and other moisturizing factors protect, soothe and absorb quickly without any film so you won’t stain your clothes.

Leave skin soft, smooth and provides 24 hour hydration to protect against dryness. A  household staple for everyone!

8 oz.

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  • Soothes and heals rough skin, helps prevent dry, flaky and chapped skin.
  • Provides 24 hour hydration to protect against  dryness.
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth and younger-looking.
  • Absorbs quickly- leaves no greasy film, will not stain clothing.
  • Cools, Protects and refreshes skin after sunbathing or other outdoor activities.
  • Non-scented formula- excellent for every member of the family.


Apply generously all over the body after bath or shower. Massage into skin concentrating on rough areas such as hands, elbows, and knees. Reapply throughout the day as needed.


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