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What Does Glycolic Acid Do For Your Skin

5 Benefits Of Using Glycolic Acid For Skin

By Viviane Woodard / January 23, 2023

Our skin deserves only the utmost level of care and attention. And the best way to treat your skin well is by using skincare products that give it what it needs. Key Takeaways Glycolic acid is a popular alpha hydroxy acid that is commonly used in chemical peels and exfoliators Glycolic acid is a popular…

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How Often Should You Use Glycolic Acid

Can I Use Glycolic Acid In My Skincare Routine Every Day?

By Viviane Woodard / January 9, 2023

Glycolic acid is a popular skincare ingredient for many reasons. But to properly incorporate glycolic acid into your skincare routine for maximum benefits, it’s essential to understand how to use it. Key Takeaways Here are the key takeaways at a glance. Keep reading to learn more about giving your skin the treatment it deserves! Glycolic…

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How To Exfoliate Sensitive Skin

5 Best Exfoliators For Sensitive Skin In 2023

By Viviane Woodard / January 2, 2023

It’s officially 2023, so what better time to revamp our skincare routines? After all, our skin concerns won’t be solved when we use the same products for years and years without results. So isn’t it time to give our skin the beautiful change it deserves? Key Takeaways Here’s our list of the five best products…

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When To Exfoliate In Skin Care Routine

When To Exfoliate In Your Skin Care Routine

By Viviane Woodard / September 12, 2022

Your skin changes as you get older. You might see more sun spots, dryness, or wrinkles. But don’t panic, there are actions you can undertake to maintain the healthiest looking skin. When should you exfoliate? Learn how to include an exfoliant into your regular skin care routine and when to exfoliate! Most certainly, by this…

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How Do Chemical Exfoliants Work

How Do Chemical Exfoliants Work?

By Viviane Woodard / August 22, 2022

By now, you’ve probably decided to add exfoliation into the mix of your skin care routine. But how exactly does chemical exfoliation work over physical exfoliation? Below, you’ll find all the answers to chemical exfoliation and how it differs from physical exfoliation. With so many different chemical exfoliants out there, it can be hard to…

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What Skincare Products Contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid

What Skincare Products Contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid?

By Viviane Woodard / August 15, 2022

As you know, there are different types of acids commonly found in many skincare products. So, when you take a look at the ingredients that you are using, chances are that you would find a specific type of acid in one of them. However, not every skincare acid has the same attributes and they aren’t…

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What Are Chemical Exfoliants

What Are Chemical Exfoliants?

By Viviane Woodard / July 25, 2022

We all want radiant skin. But if you’re not sure what a chemical exfoliant is, then it’s only natural to be a little weary of putting chemicals on your face. Luckily, we’ve listed out all the answers to your chemical exfoliation questions below. Because using chemical exfoliants really isn’t as scary as it sounds. Keep…

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