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What Does Skin Look Like When Dehydrated

6 Signs You Have Dehydrated Skin & Tips On How To Fix It

By Viviane Woodard / November 14, 2022

It is essential to keep your skin hydrated, no matter your skin type. If your skin is dehydrated, you will look red and splotchy. You could have dry patches that are cracked or flaky.  Key Takeaways Dehydrated skin may appear dry, tight, and full of fine lines Perform a simple pinch test on your skin…

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What Skincare Brands Are Cruelty Free

15 Best Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands To Buy In 2023

By Viviane Woodard / November 7, 2022

If you have been in the market searching for cruelty-free products, then this article is for you. In this post, we have researched and gathered the best 15 best cruelty-free skincare brands across various price points to help you make an informed decision. So, if this is what you came for, let’s dive right into…

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What To Pair With Glycolic Acid

What To Pair With Glycolic Acid

By Viviane Woodard / October 31, 2022

Even at the best of times, layering skincare ingredients may sound overwhelming, especially when you are a beginner. With new products, textures, and ingredients making their grand entry every week, determining what might work for you and what won’t is a task in itself.  If you are a beginner, it’s obvious that you will be…

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What Is The Best Face Wash For Sensitive Skin

What Is The Best Face Wash For Sensitive Skin?

By Viviane Woodard / October 24, 2022

Keeping sensitive skin in good shape can be difficult, especially with acne or other skin diseases like eczema. Even small changes to your diet, an hour in the sun, or using a new product in your skincare routine can cause breakouts and rashes.  So if you want to improve the condition of your skin, you…

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How To Fix Dehydrated Skin

How To Fix Dehydrated Skin

By Viviane Woodard / October 17, 2022

The skin is the largest organ in the body and accounts for about 60% of the water we contain. The connections between dehydration and skin damage are enormous.  The skin is among the first organs to reveal the effects of dryness, even at levels as low as 1%. An excellent technique to tell if your…

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What Is A Lip Exfoliator

What Is A Lip Exfoliator?

By Viviane Woodard / October 10, 2022

A lip exfoliator is a cosmetic product that can be used to remove dry skin and leave the lips with a smoother appearance. It typically consists of a powder or sugar formula, which can be safely applied to the mouth area.  Exfoliators like lip scrubs stimulate new cell production and help lips to stay moistened…

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How To Get Clear Skin

A Guide On How To Get Clear Skin

By Viviane Woodard / October 3, 2022

No matter how beautiful you are, there will always be some part of your body you don’t like. Maybe it’s a freckle. Maybe it’s a mole. Or maybe it’s your skin in general. Most people would agree that the biggest beauty enemy is having bad skin. Whether you have acne or rosacea, all sorts of…

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What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do For Acne

What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do For Acne?

By Viviane Woodard / September 26, 2022

Hyaluronic acid is now the trend, but it may not just be a fleeting fad. Even though it is best known as a humectant, which is a chemical that helps the body hold on to water, it can be used for other things besides keeping the skin from getting old. Hyaluronic acid also helps soothe…

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Why Are My Lips Always Dry And Peeling

Why Are My Lips Always Dry And Peeling?

By Viviane Woodard / September 19, 2022

From having to deal with constant discomfort in your lips to feeling pain every time you eat something, dry, chapped lips can drive anyone mad, especially if they start peeling or cracking. And what’s worse: sometimes it is completely out of your control, since one of the most common reasons for dry lips is cold…

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When To Exfoliate In Skin Care Routine

When To Exfoliate In Your Skin Care Routine

By Viviane Woodard / September 12, 2022

Your skin changes as you get older. You might see more sun spots, dryness, or wrinkles. But don’t panic, there are actions you can undertake to maintain the healthiest looking skin. When should you exfoliate? Learn how to include an exfoliant into your regular skin care routine and when to exfoliate! Most certainly, by this…

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