The Importance of Vibrant and Youthful Skin

By Vivane Woodard / June 1, 2020

See original post on Flux Magazine As we get older, certain biological processes happen. The most pronounced and prominent of them, is the wrinkles in our skin. Wrinkles happen because the elastic components of the epidermis start to break down. These main proteins, elastin, and collagen are essential to the tautness, and plump look of…

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What Is The Importance Of SPF In Sunscreen Lotions?

By Vivane Woodard / May 29, 2020

© [franckreporter] /Getty Images See original post on Electro Wow Tanning during summertime to acquire a radiant look is a practice that prevails across the world, especially among the fair-skinned people who want to tone down the whiteness. But sun exposure comes with its risks, the most alarming being the risk of skin cancer from…

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Beauty: The Basics About Skincare That Everyone Must Follow

By Vivane Woodard / May 27, 2020

See original post on the Inscriber Magazine Tuning up your complexion so that it functions at its best is the purpose of any skincare routine. The other goal is to identify skin problems or deficiencies and work for its improvement. Beauty routines allow you to notice yourself carefully to detect changes, say the skincare experts…

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Benefits of Water-Based Moisturizers

By Vivane Woodard / May 26, 2020

See original post on Pink Is The New Blog Water-Based Moisturizer is Great for Skin Problems It could be pretty overwhelming and stressful to go shopping for moisturizers. While hunting around, you would come across a plethora of moisturizers to choose from. Each one of the moisturizers contains unique ingredients with an extensive list of…

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Use Skin Exfoliators

By Vivane Woodard / May 15, 2020

See original post by The Fashionable House Wife Healthy and glowing skin always looks fashionable and attractive. Your skin removes dead skin cells and makes way for new ones naturally. But aging, pollution, hectic lifestyle, and high-stress levels somewhere diminish this natural cycle. Amidst all this, retaining youthfulness and moisture can seem like a challenge.…

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Consistent Skincare Routine is Important – Here’s Why

By Vivane Woodard / May 6, 2020

See original post by Naluda Magazine It is important to have a regular skincare routine because even a few years from now, your routine will contribute a lot to your healthy and radiant skin. It would require some time and a daily routine to provide it with the nutrients it needs to look its very…

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Why Do Dermatologists Recommend Moisturizers with Hyaluronic Acid

By Vivane Woodard / April 21, 2020

See original post on ASM Zine Moisturizers with hyaluronic acids have long been recommended and loved by dermatologists and beauty therapists. It helps in promoting radiant and youthful skin and even is great for maintaining healthy joints. You could find hyaluronic acid in moisturizers, exfoliators, and serums that should be included in your beauty regimen.…

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Beauty Trends: The Multiple Reasons For Using Lip Balms

By Vivane Woodard / April 9, 2020

See original post on Style Vanity Lipsticks and lip gloss have long been in the limelight as an essential part of the runway makeup. And when lip balm came in the market, it too grabbed ladies’ attention. Today, this modest product has secured a firm place in the handbags. From 2015, the predictions started doing…

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Why Do You Need a Liquid Foundation For Your Face

Why Do You Need a Liquid Foundation For Your Face?

By Vivane Woodard / April 8, 2020

See original post on Lifestyle by PS Your face can amp up any fashion look effortlessly. It is just that you have to give it the right touch of makeup. And of the various things that you use on it, the choice of foundation can make a real difference. Earlier, the foundation used to be…

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