Cranio Care Bears



One of my sweet grandsons was born with a rare type of Craniosynostosis. Before his surgery to repair his skull, he and his family were blessed to be recipients of a care package from Cranio Care Bears. It was a bright spot in a dark time.

As a result, Viviane Woodard wants to support other families going through similar diagnosis by donating to this wonderful organization.

Cranio Care Bears helps to build awareness of Craniosynostosis to families, navigate the diagnosis, and engage the medical community for early detection. They provide support and encouragement through loving care packages that are a source of relief and joy to families who have with an infant with Craniosynostosis. Craniosynostosis is the condition where the sutures close prematurely, causing problems with normal brain and skull growth and as well as premature closures of the fontanelles (soft spots).

Please join us in supporting families in need. You can SEND A CARE PACKAGE, or DONATE.
To learn more about Cranio Bears, please visit their website.