Cranio Care Bears



Cranio Care Bears helps to build awareness of Craniosynostosis to families, navigate the diagnosis, and engage the medical community for early detection. We provide support and encouragement through loving care packages that are a source of relief and joy to families who have with an infant with Craniosynostosis. Our mission is to help people understand the diagnosis while providing support & compassion to families of children currently facing surgery. Our care packages include items for the child & for the whole family with the goal of relieving the stress and providing comfort accompanying this very serious surgery.


What is craniosynostosis?


The normal skull consists of several plates of bone that are separated by sutures. The sutures (fibrous joints) are found between the bony plates in the head. The function of the suture is to allow molding through the birth canal and adjustments for the growing brain.  As an infant grows and develops, those sutures close to form a solid piece of bone called the skull.


Craniosynostosis is the condition where the sutures close prematurely, causing problems with normal brain and skull growth and as well as premature closures of the fontanelles (soft spots). This can also cause pressure inside of the head to increase, resulting in the skull or facial bones to change from a normal appearance. In rare cases, the deformity causes pressure to build up on the baby’s brain. This can cause brain damage, and can make the baby develop more slowly than other children.


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