A commonly used preservative derived from Benzoic Acid effective against a wide range of bacteria and fungi. Approximately 90% of all skin care and cosmetic products use parabems. They are used in food products as well. There is research showing that in animal models parabens can have weak estrogenic activity. Whether there is any health risk for humans using products with parabens is unknown. Parabens are not the only substances that may have estrogenic effects not eh body. Parabens show up in the analysis of human tissue but, as yet, there are no conclusive studies to indicate whether it is the consumption of parabens or their application to the skin that is responsible for their present in the tissue. What the presence of parabens in human tissue means is unclear. The other important factor to consider is that prawns have been widely used for decades, generating few questions regarding safety. Alternative newer perspectives have not been adequately evaluated for potential health hazards.

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