What Is The Best Face Wash For Oily Skin?

What Is The Best Face Wash For Oily Skin

Having an oily, shiny face is the root of many skin problems including acne, facial cysts, blackheads, clogged pores, etc. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for oily skin: a good skincare routine!

The very first step of a skin care routine is the application of gentle foaming cleanser. It is crucial to choose the right face wash for your skin types or you might cause your skin problems to increase.

To assist you on your quest of finding the right face wash for your oily skin, we will cover everything from the ingredients to the basic ways to use gentle cleansers on your oily skin. If you are suffering from facial cysts or severe acne, we highly recommend consulting a board certified dermatologist.

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There are two simple tests you can consider for knowing your skin type:


* STEP 1- Clean the face with a face wash that is mild.

* STEP 2- After 30 minutes, check various parts of your face for oil, namely, the forehead, nose, cheek & chin.

* STEP 3- Evaluate your skin.

If your skin feels dry & tight while making any facial expression, chances are, you have DRY SKIN. If you notice the shine on the forehead & nose, then you most likely have COMBINATION SKIN. If your cheek, forehead & nose are shining (without makeup) you may have OILY SKIN.


* STEP 1- You need to dab a blotting paper lightly on various parts of your face.

* STEP 2- Examine the blotting sheet by holding it in the light.

If there is little to no oil on the sheet, you have dry skin. If the sheet has collected oil from your nose & forehead, then you have combination skin. If the blotting paper is completely permeated with oil, chances are you have oily skin.


The scientific reason behind oily skin is related to the sebaceous glands present in the dermal layer of the skin. The function of this gland is to release sebum (oil). When these glands produce excess sebum, it leads to oily skin.

The amount of sebum released by these glands is often completely out of your control, as it generally depends on hormones, and genetics. The best way to take control and manage it is with a good skincare routine:

Wash your face daily. Remove your makeup before you go to bed using makeup remover or a foamy cleanser, and be sure to purchase products such as a balance oil control cleanser, an exfoliating cleanser to remove dead skin cells, and keep your skin hydrated with a water-based moisturizer.


Cleansing is the most important & primary step of any skincare routine for any skin type. It helps in removing bacteria, makeup residue, and dirt on your face.

If you have oilier skin use water based face washes for oily skin to improve your complexion

A deep cleanse of your skin is essential to help prevent breakouts. You want to work with a clean canvas before you apply other skin care products, or makeup.

Choose the right cleanser so that you don’t contribute to over drying. It is very important to be aware of what your face wash consists of (ingredients) & whether it will suit your skin or not (skin type).

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It can be overwhelming finding the best face washes. The scientific terms can also be a little overwhelming, too. We’ve listed the basic ingredients that your face wash should have along with a detailed explanation of what they are and what they do!


Sulfates are basically cleansing agents which are also regularly used in detergents. Sulfates are not only awful for sensitive skin, they cause over drying and strip your skin of healthy, natural oils.

Sulfates in skin cleansers will make your skin dull and flaky. If you have sensitive skin, sulfates can impact your pH levels leading to inflammation, redness and irritation. So, unless your skin is as tough as sheets (it isn’t, btw), consider using a face cleanser that is sulfate-free.


You might be tempted to purchase products that have beautiful fragrances, but you should avoid them at all costs. Fragrances that are not made from natural elements are actually chemicals and harmful to your skin and the environment.

Fragrances in skin care products reduce your natural college levels, contribute to uneven skin texture and can have long-term damaging effects.


Your skin is the largest, most important organ of your body. It is important to treat it gently – and that includes with the type of facial cleanser you use.

Your skin protects your body from damage, so be sure to use gentle cleansers. A gentle cleanser will not contain harsh chemicals, fragrances, or an abundance of alcohol.


This is a fancy word for something that does not clog pores. They help prevent acne and blackheads, and prevent future breakouts by keeping pores clear.


Products that are lightweight are best for frequent, daily use. Given that skin care should be done at least twice a day, being mindful about the quality and types of products you apply to your face is very important. Skincare products that are clean, water-based and designed with natural elements and without animal products are ideal.


As mentioned before, with so many options, it might get confusing to choose the right cleanser for your oily skin type. To help you to identify which ingredients are most important, here a list of top 5 ingredients that a face wash for oily skin should have with their functions & benefits:

For acne prone skin use a foaming cleanser to unclog pores and create a healthy skin barrier


Unless you have avoided TV and social media altogether for the last 3 years, you have heard about hyaluronic acid. This “acid” is naturally produced in our body but over time the production decreases.

FUNCTION- It is used for locking the moisture of our skin. So a hyaluronic acid moisturizer really is a no-brainer.

BENEFITS- It makes our skin look youthful & supple as it also helps with reducing fine lines & wrinkles.


Niacinamide is practically a magical ingredient that is recommended by many skin specialists and dermatologists. It is basically a type of B3 vitamin. There are many products that mention this as their key ingredient.

FUNCTION- It helps in the production of Keratin.

BENEFITS- Keratin produced by niacinamide helps in keeping the skin healthy & firm. Niacinamide also helps with minimizing the appearance of pores, regulates sebum production, treats hyper-pigmentation, builds lipid barriers, etc. It is also proven that it helps in controlling existing acne.


Glycolic Acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). It is used in many toners, moisturizers & cleansers. The acid is a product of sugarcane. It also has great benefits for oily skin.

FUNCTION- It helps in preventing clogged pores & glycolic acid is a great exfoliator that helps with removing skin cells that are dead from the surface of the skin. It also enhances collagen production & cell turnover.

BENEFITS- It helps in reducing the production of excessive oil which leads to fewer breakouts. It helps in maintaining a balanced & smooth skin. It also helps with uneven skin tone & hyper-pigmentation.

The best face washes effectively cleanse gently exfoliate and are not overly drying


It is a form of beta-hydroxy acid (BHA). It means that the acid binds with oil particles & cleanses them from deep within. It is one of the best ingredients for oily skin! But it is advised to be careful while using this acid as it sensitizes the skin to the sun & makes it dry.

FUNCTION- It reduces sebum production & removes skin cells that are dead.

BENEFITS- There are tons of benefits associated with salicylic acid production. Some of the benefits are that it unclogs pores, removes bacteria & prevents acne.


Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A. It is most popular for its anti-acne & anti-aging properties. They come in various concentrations; it is best to consult with a doctor before using them.

FUNCTION- It helps with increasing skin turnover. It also enhances the production of new skin cells which are healthy.

BENEFITS- Just like the other ingredients on the list, retinol has many benefits associated with it. Some of them are- reduction of fine lines, increased production of collagen, prevention of acne breakouts, etc. It also has the added benefit of fixing uneven pigmentation of the skin.



Applying face wash isn’t rocket science, it is as easy as eating a pop tart!

First, you have to wet your face with some water for a smooth and easy cleanser application. Having some water on your face is an essential step for all cleanser application – even foaming cleansers! It help;s activate the product into your skin barrier.

Get the suggested amount of the product (check the bottle, box, or tube) & lather it on your face neck (neck & face skin should be treated the same way for better results as neck skin is as sensitive as the skin on your face) in a circular and upwards motion.

Continue to gently rub the product all over your face, neck and then rinse your face until all product has been removed. Gently and quickly pat your face dry and apply your toner, then your serum, followed by your moisturizer.


It is advised to use your face wash whenever you are doing your skincare routine- day, and night, after a heavy sweat, or before you reapply a full face of makeup. Cleanser should be used at the very start of the routine, followed by other products.

A good facial cleanser will remove dirt remove oil brighten skin and tighten pores


  • Sunscreen should be used regularly. UV rays are known to cause the most damage to the skin. You should buy a sunscreen that has SPF 30 or above for greater protection.
  • Never forget to clean your makeup. If you are someone who likes to sleep with their makeup on, stop doing that! It clogs your pores, irritates your skin & leads to a lot of other major skin problems in the long run.
  • Don’t touch your face, the dirt from your hand can further irritate your skin & clog your pores, leading to pimples or severe acne.
  • Always use the moisturizer that is right for you. The right moisturizer for you can do wonders while the wrong one will create a hazard.
  • Never scrub aggressively. Your skin should be cleaned gently or else it might lead to dryness & irritation.


Cleansing is a very important part of a skincare routine, especially for people with oily skin. It helps to prevent severe acne and breakouts.

Without it, you might never be able to achieve your goal of having great skin. When you are consistent with your skin care routine, you will see how big of a difference it makes! 

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