Top Beauty Trends For 2023 And What Products Will Help You Achieve The Look

Beauty Trends 2023

As we enter the New Year, staying up-to-date with the newest trends is essential. The best way to feel confident and at peace is to know we look our best!

Top Trends For 2023

    1. A natural complexion instead of full-faced makeup
    2. Wolf haircut and face-framing layers
    3. Coquette makeup looks
    4. Filling and plumping lip treatments
    5. Slugging

Here are the biggest upcoming trends for 2023 and the best beauty products that go with them.

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#1. Skincare As Makeup

It’s hard to predict precisely what the biggest beauty trends for 2023 will be. But it’s safe to say that there are a few that will be no-brainers.

When we think about beauty trends, we often consider makeup looks or other ways to accentuate our natural beauty. And in 2023, excellent skincare for a glowing, radiant complexion will surely top the list.

Embracing Our Natural Beauty

A natural and energized complexion is better than any cosmetics. It reflects your inner youth and is much more attractive. But to wear your natural skin confidently, you must have the perfect beauty routine to give yourself the glowing complexion you deserve.

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The Best Skincare Products To Align With 2023 Beauty Trends

We already know the ideal base of a skincare routine. To achieve healthy, glowing skin, your daily routine should consist of a gentle cleanser and water-based moisturizer. The foundation of a youthful and revitalized complexion is clean, hydrated skin.

But your perfect 2023 beauty routine shouldn’t end there. 2023 is the year to use glycolic acid if you don’t already!

The Best Ingredient in 2023 For A Youthful Complexion

Glycolic acid is a trendy skincare ingredient for many reasons. Not only does it promote healthy cell turnover. 

But it also increases collagen production and exfoliates the skin. For a smooth skin tone and a youthful complexion, you need to use glycolic acid.

The Foundation Of A Youthful Complexion

To get started, Viviane Woodard’s iconic Natural Exfoliator Skinodyssey with glycolic acid is sure to start you off right in 2023. With alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), it’s easy to get a more plump and lively complexion in no time.

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#2. Face-Framing Layers For Your Hair

Beauty and fashion trends can extend to so many parts of our look. And it doesn’t start and end with only our faces!

The best way to stay current in 2023 is to keep your hair trendy. Obtaining a cut that perfectly compliments your face can effortlessly bring out your natural beauty.

Opting For A Trendy Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a haircut trend that gained increasing popularity over the past few years. It’s expected only to keep growing in 2023.

Cut styles like face-framing layers are great for almost everyone and are particularly flattering for those going after that natural beauty look.

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#3. Coquette Makeup

Nostalgia is a very powerful tool. And that’s why in 2023, coquette makeup is sure to be big.

Coquette started in the 18th or 19th centuries and became the look we all know in 2014. It’s a beautiful mixture of trends, incorporating ballet-core and soft pale grunge.

Identifying The Coquette Look

Think of the adult version of the Disney princesses we loved as kids.

Embracing powerful femininity is the premise of the coquette look. Use a highly-pigmented blush and luxurious eye makeup like mascaras and delicate liners to create this look. And don’t forget to prep your skin with a vegan formula eye cream!

#4. Peptide Lip Treatments

We all know that 2022 was the year for full, plump lips. And in 2023, it’s expected that peptide-powered lip treatments will surge in popularity.

If not specifically about a peptide treatment, 2023 will be about the dewy, luscious lip look. So ensuring your lips are moisturized and plump will be key!

The Best Lipcare Combo

To ensure you’re ready for the new season, use Viviane Woodard’s restorative Rose Lip Mask to give your pout the silky, smooth hydration it needs. And to achieve the fuller-lips look, use our best-selling Hyaluronate Lip Plumper to enhance your glow.

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#5. Slugging

New beauty fads are seemingly cropping up constantly. And ensuring we give our faces plenty of hydration and moisture is key for almost all of them!

The Trick To Getting Satisfied Skin

Slugging is a term that refers to loading your face with a product like petroleum jelly as your final beauty routine step to deliver a powerful hydrating treatment to your face. Petroleum jelly can be used as an excellent protectant for those with a sensitive or damaged complexion.

As the 2023 season approaches, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to the best beauty trends!

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