How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin In And Around Eyebrows

You may have heard of dry scalp. Even cradle cap for that matter. But did you know that eyebrow dandruff is also a thing?

We slightly gasped at the thought too. But seborrheic dermatitis (the fancy word for dandruff) can happen anywhere that you have hair.

How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin In And Around Eyebrows

There are plenty of causes for such flaky eyebrows from skin diseases to simply irritated skin. So be sure to check with your dermatologist to see if your skin may be reacting to any of the following:

  • Facial psoriasis
  • A chronic skin condition
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Seborrheic dermatitis

Typically, any of the above will be accompanied by irritated patches or red patches. Maybe even yellow flaky pieces of scalp dandruff or eyebrow dandruff that end up caking your mineral liquid foundation together. 

Sure, these skin issues that produce a scaly appearance are no fun to deal with. But the good news is it’s fairly easy to treat eyebrow dandruff!

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Lifestyle changes

Seborrheic dermatitis thrives off of oily skin.  So each of these lifestyle changes will aim to get to the root cause: your oil glands.

Use an anti-dandruff shampoo

Most prescription treatment anti-dandruff shampoos are intended for your scalp. But any anti-dandruff shampoo can also be used to treat any affected area with scaly skin.

Just lather a small amount of shampoo over your flaky eyebrows, rinse with warm water, and you’re good to go! You may experience flare ups of dry skin if it’s a chronic condition.

In that case, just use your desired shampoo whenever it is needed. And be sure to find a shampoo with selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione for maximum strength!

Apply apple cider vinegar as a toner

You probably heard that this ingredient is like the finger of God when it comes to skin conditions. So it’s only fitting that you apply a little bit of this miracle to your eyebrow dandruff.

There are plenty of home remedies for you to try when treating eyebrow or scalp dandruff

Just apply a few drops onto a damp cotton ball. Then, swipe!

Wash your face consistently

Proper hygiene is always a must, but especially when you’re looking to combat those pesky oil producing glands. Use a solid face wash, like our Contouring Facial Masque, every morning and night.

This way, you’re guaranteed to rinse off any dirt or impurities that might otherwise contribute to your seborrheic dermatitis. Additionally, always follow up with a good water-based moisturizer!

Gently exfoliate

If you notice something like a flaky scalp or cradle cap around your eyebrows, then you’ll definitely want to exfoliate those flakes away. So long as you’re not suffering from an itchy rash.

Exfoliating the skin beneath can help get rid of the thin layer of dandruff. And your skin underneath will thank you for that well-deserved massage.

Try using our Botanical Complexion Scrub or any other natural exfoliator with glycolic acid. And help your eyebrow skin stay healthy!

Apply an anti-itch cream

Sometimes, seborrheic dermatitis just leaves you with eyebrow dandruff. Other times, it leaves you with eyebrow dandruff and an itchy and inflamed rash.

If your skin is particularly dry and itchy consider a perscription treatment

If you suffer from the latter, definitely incorporate an anti-fungal cream into your skincare regimen. And allow those antifungal properties to soothe any irritation and reduce inflammation.

Decrease your stress levels

Obviously, this is easier said than done. But it’s important to note that yes, even your eyebrows can be affected by the stressors in your life!

Sure, beauty products can absolutely help you resolve any dry skin or eyebrow dandruff troubles. But even just taking a few minutes in your day to calm your mind and body will do wonders.

Additional at-home remedies

We get it. Sometimes, you’re in need of a quick fix and, most likely, you’ll already have some of these ingredients lying around the house.

Almond oil

Packed with vitamins and nutrients, almond oil is the perfect way to soothe skin and dandruff. Just massage a few drops onto your eyebrows or scalp, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has long been used to treat dandruff, whether in your hair or eyebrows. Tea tree gets rid of any itching you may be suffering from and aids irritation so that your skin can finally relax and breathe.

Just be sure not to apply tea tree oil directly to your skin. Dilute it with coconut oil or olive oil to make sure it heals your skin and does not cause further irritation.

Tea tree oil is a powerful essential oil that can remedy eyebrow dandruff and soothe irritation

And if you’re applying it to the dandruff around your eyebrows, be sure to keep the tea tree oil out of your eyes! That’s a quick way to ruin your me-time!

Coconut oil

On its own, coconut oil is a powerful moisturizer like hyaluronic acid. And has long been used to soothe dry skin around the eyebrows and on the scalp.

Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make this the perfect household ingredient to treat dandruff. Not to mention you’ll also smell amazing too!

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Olive oil

What goes into your Sunday dinners can now also go onto your scalp and eyebrow dandruff! You can apply this oil directly to your skin and soak up the hydrating benefits it has to offer.

Not to mention, its antioxidants are the perfect warriors to fight against free-radical damage. And it is safe to use with most other skincare ingredients, so why not pair it with our Intensive Hydration Complex?

Aloe vera

Odds are, you’ve likely used aloe vera on a sunburn and seen its amazing effects. So why not use this magical ingredient to soothe the dry skin around your eyebrows too?

Using aloe vera gel is great for oily skin as it absorbs easily. And you can enjoy the moisture it provides your irritated skin.

What to avoid

Sure, dry skin is common. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to avoid it!

Picking at flaky skin

You know how they say you should never pop a pimple? Well, the same goes for dandruff and flaky skin.

If you pick at it, you’re just furthering the inflammation on your skin underneath. And then it’ll take more than just a few weeks to heal.

No more hot hot showers

We love a hot shower just as much as anybody. But that intense heat can actually strip the moisture out of your skin.

Avoid scalding hot showers if your body is already dry as the heat can strip you of moisture

Don’t give those flakes more power than they already have. And opt for a cooler shower setting during those particularly dry months.

The bottom line

Any dry skin that gets left untreated just becomes angrier and more agitated. So do your skin and yourself a solid by tackling those flaky patches once and for all.

Ultimately, that eyebrow dandruff is telling you something. In those moments, your skin just needs a little extra TLC.

Whether you notice these skin conditions in the winter months. Or maybe even year round.

Listen to your skin and advocate for it. It’s the biggest organ of the body so chances are it knows what it’s talking about.

So take the time to soothe those dry patches. And welcome in that healthier skin that’s just waiting to emerge from underneath.

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