12 Ways To Take Care Of Your Face And Look Naturally Flawless

If you are one to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say, “Hey there, you gorgeous, flawless, incredible creature,” then good on you! You have some spectacular self-confidence, and will be virtually unstoppable with that positive attitude. And if your day starts off a little slower, fear not! Self-care starts from within, and we build up from there. Our beauty inside and out can be boosted by how we treat ourselves and our skin on a daily basis. So go ahead, recognize your natural gifts and glorious self. And when you’re ready for some beauty tips and tricks, peruse this practical advice below to help you look your best and get back to being awesome.

How To Take Care Of Your Face and Look Naturally Flawless

Here are a dozen ways to take care of your face and look naturally flawless:

    1. Food for thought – and also for skin! You are what you eat, as the saying goes. So be the yummiest you that you can be. Think of food as the fuel you need to do all the awesome things you do throughout your day. Skin is the body’s largest organ, so let’s show some respect, shall we? Looking beautiful is not about covering it up or painting over imperfections. A stellar complexion starts with healthy food choices. We all know we should drink a lot of liquids, but woman cannot live on water and watermelon alone, so let’s consider some of the other nutrients and antioxidants we need. We often hear about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, and that’s because there’s a lot of science to back up the claims, and perhaps also because we’re excited to add a little more fat on our plates. Fat is tasty, folks! Fat is indeed all that, but make sure it’s the “good kind” found in foods like pecans, walnuts, and fish such as halibut, sardines, and sea bass. These foods help your skin manage hydration and oil production and can reduce acne as well.
    2. Exfoliate! Out with the old in with the new…skin cells, that is. Sometimes a good gritty scrub is what you want, but other times, a natural exfoliator allows for a more effective and gentle approach to remove dead skin cells and make way for new cell production. If you want to be shocked at the smoothness of your skin after only a few uses of a natural exfoliator, try Viviane Woodard’s Natural Exfoliator Skinodyssey. It stabilizes the skin’s natural pH level, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and gives an overall baby-soft feeling to the skin.
      Natural Beauty Exfoliate Clean Fresh Face
    3. Wash your face well, and then keep your hands off! What good is washing your pretty puss if you put those hands – that have been who knows where – right back on it? A lot of us support our head in our hands or rub our face with our fingers without even realizing it. That can transfer dirt and oils that cause blemishes, or simply mess with your make-up. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you and the ones you love never touch your face, but take note of how often you do, and see if you can do better. It’s great to start the day with at least a rinse, though most of us need to use a decent cleanser or scrub. And in the evening, make sure to remove your make-up before your head hits the pillow, aka the point of no return.
    4. The secret’s in the serum. While many of us are consistent when it comes to moisturizing, some of us skip the serums because we don’t understand the benefits, or think they’re pricey and unnecessary. Well, think again. There are plenty of benefits to serums, and they often have a higher concentration of skin-repairing ingredients, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a beauty boost. A water-soluble serum like Viviane Woodard’s Vitamin C Restoring Serum contains vitamin C to increase circulation and protect the skin, while the Hyaluronic Acid boosts collagen production. As with most serums, you only need to smooth on a small amount prior to applying moisturizer. If your skin is especially oily, you may opt to let your skin soak in that serum and skip the moisturizer. Just don’t forget to use some sort of sunscreen!
    5. Don’t leave your skin high and dry. Ever feel more like a raisin than a grape? It might be your moisturizer. Moisturizers can provide benefits for all skin types, especially if yours is normal to dry. However, it can be a challenge to strike the perfect balance between greasy and watery, heavy and light, affordable and…the price of a first-class plane ticket to Paris. Seriously, though, are there diamonds in some of those creams? And if so, that’s not going to be good for your skin. Kidding aside, what really matter is finding something that feels great when you put it on, and makes a difference for your complexion over time. To rejuvenate dry skin and leave it feeling soft and supple, try the Water-Based Enriched Moisturizer by Viviane Woodard. This water-based formula prevents moisture loss and protects skin against environmental damage. Applying moisturizer once in the morning and once at night should be part of your regular skincare routine.
      Do it yourself skincare mask ingredients
    6. If you want to DIY make sure you know what and why. Whether you read something online about a supposed miracle oil or you hear from a friend about a do-it-yourself face mask, make sure you do a little research before slathering random substances across your delicate skin. Not everything natural is necessarily good for you. Remember, arsenic is natural. So beware when people provide tips or tricks touting natural ingredients like lemons or commonly found household items like baking soda. Both can dry or irritate your skin, plus don’t you want to save at least some of those lemons for your avocado toast? Everyone’s skin can react in different ways, so if you’re trying out something for the first time, it’s always a good idea to test it out on a small area of your skin first.
    7. Exercise: Come for the fitness stay for the sweat. Moving your body is not only important for overall health and wellness, but it also keeps the blood flowing and brings oxygen to skin cells, giving you that naturally healthy glow. Exercise reduces stress and also helps to control inflammation, both of which positively affect the skin in its aging process. Good circulation is key, so be sure you get your heart rate up to recommended levels for at least 20-30 minutes a few times a week. If you’re not a sporty type, or just aren’t a fan of the gym, remember that a brisk walk will do the job. It’s all about starting to move more. Yes, in this case less isn’t more…more is more. And while some may find sweating to be a nuisance, know that it also plays a part in keeping skin healthy and protected. It not only releases impurities through your pores, but it even has antimicrobial properties that defend against bacteria.  So don’t sweat sweating! Put on your preferred playlist and hit the pavement.
      Beautiful healthy woman dance exercising on rooftop
    8. Build a beautiful foundation, don’t cover up. When you are searching for a foundation that will make you look and feel flawless, remember that it’s not about all the promises, it’s about performance. Which product actually works to protect your skin while soothing it with minerals, and making you look beautiful? Well there might be more than one answer, but we’ve found that the Mineral Liquid Foundation by Viviane Woodard checks all the boxes and goes far beyond. The bonus to this vegan and cruelty-free option is that it goes on creamy yet has a soft powdery finish. From there, you can highlight your cheekbones with the Sheer Satin Blush, or brighten your best features with the Shimmering Finish-Stick Illuminator.
    9. Procure the perfect eyebrow for that perfect face of yours. We all agree that Albert Einstein and Mark Twain are role models when it comes to intelligence and insight, but as far as eyebrows go, we should probably look elsewhere for inspiration. Some have said that the eyebrows are the anchor of the face, and they really do help to define the shape and overall look. Different decades have brought different trends for clothes, make-up, and even eyebrows. From Greta Garbo to Brooke Shields, the shapes and thickness of those hairs have shifted. Now that a thicker brow is back, we may regret when we were younger and plucked them past the point of no return. If that hits close to home, you may now need a little assistance to replenish that fullness. Here’s a quick tutorial on filling in your eyebrows if you need a little boost. And for those of you that have an overabundance of brow to work with, a bit of tweezing or threading might be in order. Pro tip: It’s not a bad idea to have some tweezers in the glove compartment of your car because we’ve all been there, wondering…does it still count as a stray eyebrow hair if it’s half way up my forehead?

  1. Lashes, and liner, and shadow, oh my! You may feel like there are too many options when it comes to eye make-up, and you don’t want to look like you’re heading off to the prom in 1989. First and foremost, you want to find what works best for you. Sometimes a touch of shadow and some mascara is more than enough. It all depends if you’re going to the grocery store or out on the town. Don’t underestimate the power of primer, however. It can even out the skin tone and cover up little hairs or blotches, while also allowing your eyeliner and shadow to stay in place much longer.
  2. Let’s not forget the lips. Before you get to picking out that perfect shade, pump those breaks. First stop, exfoliation! Our lips can get dry and cracked, or just dull and chapped. It’s a good idea to remove the dead skin from your lips with a lip scrub, which usually contains sugar and some sort of balm or jelly. Be careful not to over exfoliate, or you might leave your lips irritated. That would be something to pout about, and not in a cute way. Once a week should do the trick, or if you’re gentle enough, twice a week can work too. After you have softened that surface, you can smooth on something like Viviane Woodards’ Hydrating Lip Balm. It hydrates the lips with Prickly Pear extract while protecting them from oxidative damage with Rose Extract. On top of those benefits, you can choose a flattering red color called Melon Crush, or play it safe with a subtle pink or nude shade.
    Pretty woman restful beauty sleep
  3. Sleep, it does a body good. This may be the easiest yet most overlooked tip for looking flawless, but sleep is truly your best friend. Don’t worry, your best friend can still be your best friend, she’ll just notice how well rested you look. We’ve all had that passive aggressive or clueless co-worker say, “You look tired.” We can all agree that it’s one of the least helpful comments out there. But what they might be noticing is a slight dimness in your eyes, a little sag in the skin, or circles underneath the eyes. All of this can happen when we don’t get a good night’s sleep. A lack of sleep can cause a decrease in blood flow and collagen production, and you need both of those for more youthful-looking skin. You fight inflammation and your skin repairs itself while you sleep, so take advantage of that fact, and sneak in an extra hour tonight. A decent dose of sleep each night also helps to regulate your weight, so really, there are fewer and fewer reasons to stay up and binge all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, though we understand your reasons. McDreamy is Dreamy, after all.

Sweet dreams, you flawless beauty!

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