How To Use Moisturizing Spray

A spritz, a splash, a sprinkle, or a spray. Even hearing these words can paint a picture of a refreshing respite from the routine, and a much needed moisture break. Whether escaping the heat or fighting dryness, a fine mist on your face can work wonders for your skin. However, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to enjoy the benefits of a moisturizing spray just like this one. You can add it to your daily beauty regimen in a number of ways.

How to Use Moisturizing Spray Viviane Woodard

But before we move on to our list, let’s make sure everyone is in the loop. What exactly is a moisturizing spray, you may be wondering. Well, it’s a liquid you spritz over your skin that contains water in addition to vitamins and other substances that work to help those water molecules adhere to the skin and moisturize it. In other words, it’s that stuff you spray on your face any time you walk by a make-up counter with free samples.

To break it down further, for the spray to be moisturizing it generally includes some ingredients from the following categories: humectants, occlusives, and emollients. Humectants draw moisture into the top layer of the skin from the air as well as lower layers of skin. Examples of humectants include glycerine, honey, and hyaluronic acid. Occlusives, like petrolatum, lanolin, and mineral oil hold in water, and prevent water loss. Emollients such as fatty acids, shea butter, and cocoa butter soften and soothe the skin. Some ingredients like aloe vera and petrolatum are included under a couple of the aforementioned categories and do double duty as a moisturizer and skin smoother, or as softener and skin protectant. So now that you know even more than you needed to know, we thought we’d share some ideas on when and why to use a moisturizing spray throughout your day.

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1. Good morning, good morning, it’s great to spray your face!

If we’ve learned anything from cartoons and over-the-top musicals it’s that pouring a bucket of water on someone is one surefire way to wake them up. However, if you’re not currently residing in ToonTown, there are probably some better options to help get you going in the morning. Once you’ve made it past the hard part of dragging your body out of bed, you can crawl over to your bathroom counter and spritz yourself with a moisturizing spray. It’s like a thousand little fairies sprinkling you with pixie dust to draw you slowly out of your dream state. Now if Tinkerbell could only make you a latte.

2. A mist under your morning moisturizer

But grandma, why is your skin so dewey? All the better to absorb the nourishing elements and vitamins in the moisturizer, my dear. Everyone will be asking about your new beauty secret once you work a moisturizing spray into your routine. One way to magnify the effects of your moisturizer is to use a spray as a base layer to prep your skin. After all, in order to seal in moisture, it helps to layer on certain ingredients first. Since many moisturizing sprays will contain a humectant like hyaluronic acid or glycerine to draw in moisture, it’s a great first step before you spread on your face cream for the day.

As with so many beauty products these days, there are ways to experiment with your own recipes, or see what others have done, and follow their lead. Here is just one idea that you can try: a moisturizing mist with rosewater and jojoba oil.

3. Set it and forget it!

Just as it is with a versatile wardrobe, a sensible beauty regimen is all about layers. Yes, you can spray before you moisturize, and you can also give a quick spritz or two after you apply your makeup to help set it. Especially if your spray contains an occlusive like lanolin or petrolatum that locks in moisture, spraying it over your finished face for the day is one way to set your makeup while keeping it fresh and dewey. Then, just like that old infomercial, you can proudly proclaim, “set it and forget it!”

4. Mid-afternoon refresher

The dreaded post-lunch lull can get to us all. You’re sitting at your desk, and the blood is nowhere near your brain because it’s busy trying to supply your stomach with oxygen and everything else it needs to help digest that giant burrito you thought would be such a good idea right up until that last bite. And it was delicious, that much is true. However, now you’re nodding off and could use a little pick-me-up. Well, in addition to walking a couple laps around your workspace, it’s always an option to find that face spray and give yourself a couple quick shots to shake your senses up. In addition to fending off that food coma, you’ll find that it’s an instant refresher for your face. You might still need another cup of coffee though, if you have several more hours of work to go.

Moisturizing spray is a makeup bag must

5. Day to evening rejuvenate the make-up

Sometimes there’s no time to re-do your look from day to evening and you have to make a quick miracle happen between calling it quits and kicking off happy hour. One way to make it work is to use your moisturizing spray to revive the make-up you applied that morning. Once you give it that boost of moisture and make it blendable, you can add a little extra foundation in, or just freshen the look of your current coverage. Add a little balm and some lip color, and perhaps a shimmery shadow to make your eyes pop, and you’ll extend your look into the night. Hey sister, go sister, now you got that glow sister. Or something like that. In summary, get your groove on!

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6. Put some spray in your trusty travel bag

Whether you’re in a plane, train, or automobile, having your face mist handy is a must when you’re on the go. Skin can get so dry while traveling, and a moisturizing spray is a hands-free way to perk up that pretty face of yours. You don’t have to dig deep into your makeup bag and re-do your whole look in order to get a little lift. A quick spray is a simple way to wake yourself up and give your skin a treat.

7. Hydrate mid-date

Next time you’re on a date, or being social don’t forget to bring your moisturizing spray with you when you excuse yourself to powder your nose. By the way, is anyone still using the expression “powder my nose” or do we just assume everyone knows what actually happens in a public restroom, which is obviously…free therapy from strangers, sparing of squares, and compliments on those kick-butt boots you just bought. Either way, after you meet your new best friend in the bathroom, be sure to give a quick spritz or two to your face for a refreshed feel. It can help you look rejuvenated and plump up your skin so you can get back out there and glow like the magical goddess you are.

Refresh your face mid date with intensive hydration mist

8. Soothe irritation with one quick spritz

If you have a sunburn or an allergy that’s aggravating your skin, you’ll first want to make sure it’s nothing serious. But if you know the sunburn is slight or your skin is only a little itchy then a moisturizing mist can be quite soothing. Especially if your spray contains an ingredient like aloe vera, which naturally nourishes the skin, or vitamins A and E that help repair and heal skin cells. It feels great to have the mist make contact and quench the dry or irritated skin without having to rub anything in. Of course, if needed, you can pair it with other creams that help address the irritation, and you can use your spray on top of that as added relief.

9. Whenever you’re feeling hot, hot, hot

There are many reasons to love those Summer months and all the memories one makes at poolside parties, on camping trips, or just kicking back and soaking in some vitamin D from the sun above. However, when you’re feeling hot – and not in a good way – your hero might just come to the rescue in the form of a spray. No wonder they have those mist-making machines in long amusement park lines. They’re definitely onto something. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the water they use is doing double duty as a replenishing moisturizer. One can only hope it’s not recycled from the water rides. Still, it does feel refreshing, so why not bring your own mist in a bottle with you wherever you go on those insufferably hot days? Of course you’ll want to consume plenty of water as well. Stay hydrated from the inside out and the outside in, and you may just make it through the day with a smile.

Face moisture spray for relief from the heat on summer day

10. Control breakouts

Back it up, blemishes, you’re not welcome here. While it technically might be considered a clarifying mist, we thought we’d keep it on the list, since a spray that helps address acne can also contain moisturizing elements, and it is still a spray after all. A moisturizing spray that has ingredients like salicylic acid or willow bark can help keep pores clean and reduce the likelihood of breakouts. A spray might also be one more way to help you keep your hands off your face, while still delivering some essential vitamins and nutrients to your skin. So say goodbye to blackheads, and adios acne, or at least see you a little bit less often than before.

11. Right after your workout

Sometimes you have to go straight from a workout to run a couple more errands, or you don’t want to shower while your body’s still sweating. Whatever the particular situation may be, you can still spray your skin with a refreshing mist, and add some good-for-you ingredients during that in-between time. After you are done pumping iron, just pump that spray straight at your face, and soak it in. Your pores will be primed to receive those nourishing elements and it will feel like a bit of a bonus after all that hard work.

Post workout moisture treatment

12. Spray and call it a day

No touch, no muss, no fuss. A moisturizing spray can be your be all end all, be all, if your make-up session stops after that. After you wash your face with a gentle cleanser, a little spray might be enough to send you on your way. Of course, if you’ll be outside you’ll want to apply some sunscreen to prevent the ultraviolet rays from reaching the deeper levels of your skin and causing potential damage at the cellular level. If you’re planning to stay put and remain indoors, and if your spray is heavy on the moisturizing elements, it really might be all you need. Sometimes the bare minimum is just right. If there’s no need to stress or impress, just spray and call it a day.

Now you are in the know about several ways you can use a spray on the daily, or perhaps you were already familiar with the wonders of facial hydrating mists. Maybe you’ve made up your mind to make moisturizing spray a staple in your beauty routine and are just looking for the right one.

If hydration is high on your list of priorities for a spray, then you need not look any further than Viviane Woodard’s Hydration Mist, whose formula penetrates deep into the skin to balance and plump it, while still delivering on that desirable dewey finish. The hyaluronic acid it contains helps with that plumping effect, drawing in moisture and reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while the aloe vera extract doubles as a moisturizer and skin healer. This mist makes your face feel replenished and revived as it works its way into your skin. How and when you decide to use your spray is up to you. We hope you enjoy how refreshed it makes you feel!

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