25 Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls To Look (and Feel) Flawless

Being a teenage girl is tough, parents will often tell you as you roll your eyes at them (spoiler alert: they can see you, but they did the same thing at your age). There’s homework to do, and hormones to deal with, and you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. All this worry can wear you down, both inside and out. No wonder you have headaches, blemishes, or bad hair days! However, there is hope. Instead of stressing about everything that’s out of your control, there are several things within your power that you can do to look and feel your best.

Even though we all have our faults, we should still try to put our best face forward. Before you get ready to face the day, read these 25 tips. You’ll feel better, look better, and your body and mind will thank you.

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1. Drink water like your life depends on it. We all know we can’t survive without water, but are we getting enough of it every day? The recommended amount is 8-10 glasses a day (and no, sodas and coffee won’t quite cut it). One way to ensure you start your day off right is to down a glass of water right after you wake up. It gets you going on your daily water intake and helps hydrate you before you get too busy. Water is life. Agua es vida. It’s true in every language.

2. Lengthen your lashes. Yes, we’re still on the subject of lashes. Long, short, light, dark, straight, or curled, our lashes help us keep dust and other particles out of our eyes, and add a little something to our overall look. Even before Faline first batted her eyes at Bambi, long lashes have been something we long for. While there are products that promise to lengthen your eyelashes, the key ingredient is often castor oil.

3. Keep an eye on your eyes. There are a lot of options for eyes – liners and primers and shades, oh my! Who has the time? For a daytime school look, you might do well to remember that less is more. If you don’t use mascara, try using a thick eyeliner stick and smudging just a little at the lash line to make eyes pop. Or, maybe use a shimmery shadow over the eyelids. In other words, don’t go overboard. Take a look at your mom’s yearbook photo from 1992 and do the exact opposite.

4. For foundation, two shades are better than one. Since the skin on your face isn’t all one color and may change throughout the seasons, it’s a good idea to get two shades. Go for one that best matches your skin tone, and one that’s a little lighter. Then you can blend the two together if needed.

5. Wash your face well. We’re not done talking about water just yet! After that first drink of the day, it’s time to splash some warm water on your face along with a mild cleanser. Get the gunk off that has gathered on your face overnight (say buh-bye to the sleep in your eyes and those dead skin cells). A mild option like Viviane Woodards’ Clean Finish Cleanser works well to balance skin whether it’s oily or dry. Waking up is hard to do, but a quick wash can be rather refreshing.


6. Try a toner. While some skip this step (and it’s ok if you do, sometimes), a nice toner can help remove excess dirt and oil while also balancing the pH of your skin. It can help control acne as well. After you apply the toner, allow your skin to air-dry before you put on your moisturizer.

7. Remember to Moisturize. There are more reasons to moisturize than just preventing dryness. A good moisturizer helps prepare your skin for your make-up and keeps your complexion from looking dull. There are many moisturizers to choose from but one like Viviane Woodard’s water-based Enriched Moisturizer fights dryness with nutrients and antioxidants while smoothing and soothing even the most sensitive skin.

8. Let the sunshine in – but not too much on your delicate skin. We’re not suggesting you hide under a hat all through high school, or apply globs of sunscreen. Luckily, a lot of foundations contain SPF without feeling sticky, like Viviane Woodard’s Mineral Vegan Liquid Foundation. It goes on silky and sets to a powdery finish that leaves your face feeling smooth and flawless. It comes in various shades and works well with all skin types.

9. Don’t dye too often. Always bleaching or constantly adding color stresses out your tresses. End of story. Live to dye another day.

10. Know thyself. It’s not only a maxim that makes you sound smart, it’s also advice to live by. Think about what makes you feel comfortable, what is flattering, and what you have time to do every day. If you go full Broadway stage makeup on Sunday and don’t have the energy to run a brush through your hair by Saturday, you might be doing it wrong. Make sure you look and feel your most authentic self.

11. Find your favorite feature. Pick the part of you that you love most and shine a light on it (not literally, though good lighting can make a world of difference). Enhance your best feature by giving it a little extra attention. If it’s your eyebrows, use a good brow brush; if it’s your lips, never leave the house without your signature shade.

12. Keep it appropriate. Don’t go for a Top Model mug on the daily. Unless you’re in a play or having fun at a sleepover, a more natural look is what you want. When you’re first working your way around the make-up counter, it can be tempting to try it all, but pace yourself. The Joker may be a great movie, but it’s not meant to be a make-up tutorial.

13. Keep it simple. When it comes to your overall style, don’t be extra, as they say. You want people to see you as a complete person, not just a head full of scrunchies or a walking jewelry box. That’s already been done – just Google “80s fashion DON’Ts” for a fun stroll down what-not-to-wear lane.

14. Don’t go overboard on base. Remember, you’re building a foundation, not a wall. Many of us make the mistake of piling on the foundation like we’re spackling or painting a room. Layering clothes is a good thing; foundation, not so much. A little bit of you should still shine through, so be sure that everything is smoothed in and not too thick. Pro tip: make sure the area around your chin is blended well.

15. Leave your lips bare. If you’ve already got your skin and eyes on point, you might be able to skip the lipstick and just go with the gloss. It’s always a good idea to use a lip scrub like Viviane Woodard’s Sugar Lip Scrub to gently remove the dead skin, which can be done once or twice a week.

Viviane Woodard Flawless Skin and Beauty Guide for Teenage Girls

16. Or, on second thought…give your lips a burst of sheer color. Sometimes a bright lip can brighten your day. One way to keep color lasting longer is by using a lip liner all over your lips (first, make sure they’re not dry or cracked). Then, use a balm or gloss to spread over the top to provide moisture and a shinier finish. If you want a cruelty-free, vegan option, go for Viviane Woodard’s Smoothing Lip Balm.

17. Eat your breakfast! Breakfast may or may not be the most important meal of the day but it’s still important. You need a little fuel to face the day. Of course, sugary cereals aren’t the smartest choice, so try some oatmeal for fiber, eggs to get your protein, or avocado toast for the yum of it (and also for vitamins C and E, as well as those heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids). Bon appetit!

18. Brush your teeth It’ll be harder to flash those pearly whites with pride if you still have half your breakfast stuck between them. Smile with confidence, and keep your teeth clean.

19. Bring a mint Throw a mint or some gum in your bag for later on in the day when that freshness fades.

20. Brush, Marsha, brush. Most of you are too young to remember the Brady Bunch reference, but that’s beside the point. Brushing your hair distributes the natural oils from your scalp all the way to the ends. It also stimulates the scalp and increases blood flow. If you have straight hair, brushing your hair a couple times a day is a good idea. However, if your hair is curly, you’ll be better off using a wide-toothed comb after you condition.

21. You do you. Again, since these are all tips and guidelines, remember that some rules are made to be broken. So…if keeping it simple doesn’t do it for you, then you do you. If you’ve decided flare is your favorite then that’s your thing, and it’s nobody’s business to tell you otherwise. Just make sure you wear it with confidence, or else you might look like a refrigerator with too many magnets. Whatever you decide, just own it!

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22. Take note of trends, but don’t be a copycat. Trying to track down and copy every trend is so 2019. It’s hard to keep up with the Kardashians when you don’t have the money to buy whatever you want on a whim. There’s been a lot in the news lately about fast fashion, where popular styles move quickly from the runway to the stores to the customers, and sadly, to the garbage. Needless to say, if everyone is getting a whole new wardrobe every week, it can take a toll on the people who make the clothes as well as the planet.

23. Second hand is new to you. If you really want to be on the cutting edge and create an original look, think about shopping second-hand, doing a clothing swap with friends, or even just buying a belt to make an outfit you already have feel brand new. When you’re with your girlfriends, be sure to share tips and tricks, as you boost each other up.

24. Get some sleep, gorgeous! Sometimes our brains are buzzing with all the drama of the day and it can be hard to hit the hay. But as Taylor Swift has told us repeatedly, you need to calm down. Try techniques that help you settle before you sleep, whether it be a warm bath or listening to a relaxing mix of your favorite tunes. Before you turn in for the night, turn off that tablet and ditch your digital devices. Who ever said you snooze you lose? Winners snooze! Getting enough sleep improves your ability to concentrate and gives your body a chance to rest and repair. You can try to trick your parents that you didn’t stay up all night talking to your BFF, but your skin will tell on you. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason.

It never hurts to give yourself a little pep talk in the mirror before you head out for the day, so always remember, there’s only one you, and you’re flawless. Refer back to this list as needed, and enjoy your youth!


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