How to Remove Matte Liquid Lipstick

Beauty trends come and go, but one thing remains constant – lipstick! They make your lips look fuller, more defined and even give you a healthy glow. However, they also have some drawbacks, such as being difficult to remove from your lips without causing excessive dryness.

This is where liquid matte lipstick comes in handy, because it’s easy to apply and removes easily with no mess. It has become very popular over recent years due to its ease of use and long-lasting effects.

How To Remove Matte Liquid Lipstick

This article will teach you how to remove matte lipstick (and no, we don’t think you should only use makeup remover). We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of using matte liquid lipstick.

Before we delve into our top beauty tips for removing it successfully, let’s learn a little bit about matte liquid lipstick.

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What is matte lipstick?

Matte lipstick is basically a type of lipstick that contains rich pigments instead of oils. The pigment particles are suspended within a clear base rather than oil-based substances like other lipsticks.

As a result, these lipsticks tend to dry quickly, so you need to reapply often. If you don’t do this regularly, there may be build-up around the edges of your mouth, resulting in uneven coloring. In addition, when applied directly onto bare skin, the pigmentation tends to fade quicker than regular lipsticks.

These are just a few reasons why you should use a hydrating liquid matte lipstick. And don’t forget to apply a natural lip balm to moisturize and protect the layers of skin underneath!

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Tips for Selecting the Right Matte Lipstick

Before deciding on which matte lipstick to consider, there are several things you must take into account.

1. Determine your skin tone

This means choosing a color that best suits your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin, then avoid dark shades because they may make your face appear pale and sallow.

On the other hand, if you have olive-toned skin, then look towards darker colors. You’ll find that many people prefer wearing red tones since they complement both pale and color-rich skin.

2. Determine your skin undertone

Your skin undertone is determined by the combination of melanin and collagen in your dermis layer. Melanin gives us our natural tanning ability, while collagen helps maintain elasticity and firmness.

When we age, however, collagen production decreases resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, those who tend to have more brown undertones can easily achieve a youthful appearance through proper care.

Don't use makeup wipes to remove matte lipstick they can make your lips raw

Those with yellowish undertones require less sun protection than those with pinkish ones. In addition, some women naturally possess lighter complexions due to having higher levels of vitamin D. These individuals often do not experience premature aging despite spending most of their lives outdoors.

However, others develop signs of aging earlier than expected. It’s important to determine what type of skin you have so that you know exactly what kind of mineral liquid foundation will work best for you.

3. Know the shape of your lips

The shape of your mouth determines the size of your lips. A full lip requires a larger amount of coverage as well as a lip liner. Your lips’ thickness varies depending upon where it meets your nose.

Some people have thicker upper lips, while others have thinner lower lips. As mentioned above, this affects the way you choose your lipstick.

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Pros of using using a Matte Lipstick

Liquid matte lipstick offers many benefits, including…

Easy application

As with most matte lipsticks, there isn’t much preparation needed prior to applying. Prep your lips with some gentle and natural exfoliating, and a nutrient-rich and cruelty-free lip balm.

Beauty tips: If you are looking for a fuller look, consider lining your lips first. Simply Depending on the formula used, you may need to thin down the consistency slightly. Once applied, simply blot away any remaining product with blotting paper or a Q-tip.

Long-lasting effects

Unlike other forms of lipstick, matte lipstick formulas tend to last longer than traditional ones. In fact, some can last up to 12 hours of wear. As mentioned above, this depends on the formulation used.

Some contain waxes and oils, which provide extra protection against moisture loss, while others rely solely on pigments to create color. Either way, these formulations usually offer better longevity than those containing harmful and damaging synthetic polymers.

If you have sensitive skin, we suggest using a cruelty-free or vegan formula.

No drying effect

One of the biggest downsides associated with regular lipstick is the drying effect it leaves behind. When worn regularly, it tends to cause chapped lips and crack skin underneath and around the mouth area.

However, with liquid matte lipstick, and long-wearing lipstick, this problem is eliminated since it contains moisturizing agents like glycerin and hydrating emollients. These work together to keep your lips soft and supple all day long which is great news for people with sensitive skin.

Easier maintenance

Another great advantage of using liquid matte lipstick is that it makes maintaining your makeup routine easier. Unlike conventional lipsticks, liquid matte formulas don’t require frequent reapplication throughout the day.

Beauty tips: Wipe away any leftover product after about 6 hours of wearing, and apply a lip balm. That means less trips to the bathroom during the day and fewer chances of smudging your lipstick along the way.

Less likely to transfer

When compared to other forms of lipstick, the risk of transferring unwanted colors to clothing and furniture is significantly reduced. Since liquid matte formulas are typically formulated with non-pigmented particles suspended within oil-based carriers, they won’t stain fabrics or surfaces unless rubbed directly upon them.

Even then, the stains only appear once removed by rubbing alcohol or soap and water. So although liquid matte lipstick does have certain advantages, it still needs to be handled carefully.

Cons of using a matte lipstick

Although liquid matte lipstick provides numerous benefits, it also has a couple disadvantages. Here are some things to consider before deciding whether or not to invest in one.

Matte liquid lipstick is long wearing lipstick safe for sensitive skin

Can make lips more prone to cracking

While liquid matte lipsticks aren’t known for causing cracks, they can sometimes exacerbate existing conditions. For example, individuals suffering from sensitive skin or rosacea may experience redness and flushing when applying them. If you notice signs of irritation, discontinue usage immediately until further consultation.

Can be challenging to remove matte lipstick

Considering we’ve written an entire blog about how to remove matte lipstick, we know that it can be difficult to remove. However, you do not need to rely on makeup remover to take the pigment out. You can use a common and natural household item such as coconut oil.

Is it easy to remove liquid lipstick?

If you’ve ever tried removing a long-wearing lipstick, you know just how difficult this task can be! The reason why is simple – most matte lipsticks contain pigments that bond strongly to our lips’ surface as well as the skin underneath.

As a result, these products tend to stay put even after we attempt to wash them off. In fact, some experts claim that up to 90% of all matte lipsticks will remain stuck to our lips long after washing, which is why most people use cold cream or makeup remover, but as we’ve stated, it should be your last option.

So what exactly happens when you attempt to remove matte lipstick? Well, first, the pigment tends to adhere itself firmly onto our lips’ outer layer. Secondly, the formula contains waxes and emollients, which help keep the color locked in place.

And finally, in some formulas, the presence of silicones can help to prevent moisture loss. Together, these factors combined form a very stubborn combination indeed.

How to Remove Liquid Lipstick

You’ll notice that makeup remover is not listed below. While we know the name implies its purpose, most makeup wipes and makeup removers contain harsh chemicals, and a high alcohol content, which can dramatically dry the skin around lips, leaving your lips raw and chapped.

Do not use makeup remove to remove matte lipstick

Instead of causing damage to your lips, we recommend using some of the following beauty tips to remove your lipstick. Always follow up with your favorite all-natural lip balm to lock in moisture, and keep your lips soft.

Option 1: Step-by-step guide


  1. Coconut oil or olive oil (A cold cream would also remove matte lipstick, we do not recommend using a traditional cold cream unless it is a water-based moisturizer and cruelty free).
  2. A soft warm, washcloth

1. Apply a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil on your lips.

Matte lipsticks contain pigments that can cause dry patches around your mouth. A nutritional oil will help prevent the area from becoming chapped and irritated. Simply rub a small amount onto your fingertips and gently massage over your lips. Even use a jade roller too!

2. Wipe it off

Once you’ve worked the oil into your lips, you’ll notice the color begin to rub off. Using a warm washcloth, gently wipe your lips to remove the excess oil and color. Ensure that no color or oil remains at the corners of your mouth. Repeat until the lip surface is clean.

3. Use a q-tip

If you don’t own a soft washcloth, you could always opt for Q-tips. Just dab away excess moisture and color with moistened Q-tips. Repeat until clean.

4. Apply moisturizer

Finally, after wiping everything away, give your lips a quick coat of hydrating balm. The goal here isn’t necessary to completely eliminate the need for oil-based products, but rather to keep your lips feeling smooth and hydrated throughout the day.

Option 2: Step-by-step guide


  1. Blotting paper
  2. Water-based, cruelty-free cleanser
  3. Cotton pads/wipes or Q-tips

You can remove matte lipstick with coconut oil and a warm wash cloth

1. Blot

Blotting paper works well for absorbing excess product.

2. Cleanse

Use and apply an appropriate water-based, cruelty-free cleanser. This should effectively dissolve the majority of the product before rinsing. Be sure not to ingest or swallow the cleanser as you remove the pigment from your lips!

3. Rinse

Use a warm washcloth to remove any cleansing product from your face.

4. Dry

Dry your lips using a soft cloth. If necessary, repeat steps 3 & 4 until all trace of makeup has been removed.

4. Apply Moisturizer

After drying your lips, apply a light coat of moisturizing balm. Make sure not to overload your lips, though – otherwise, you risk causing irritation.

5 Tips to save you time when removing matte lipstick:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before you start.
  • Always wipe away excess product before rinsing.
  • Never forget to reapply oil or cleanser for best results.
  • Apply your preferred lip hydrator after removing matte lipstick
  • Drink plenty of water when you’re done! Drinking water makes your skin hydrated, and feels fresh and moisturized.


In a nutshell, removing matte liquid lipstick isn’t difficult at all. All you need to remember is to cleanse your face well and then follow the steps mentioned above.

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