When To Use A Jade Roller In Your Skincare Routine

If you’ve been scrolling through the ‘Gram, you’ve likely come across the latest beauty trend: jade rollers. You know the one – that pretty paint roller-looking facial massage tool that uses a jade stone or rose quartz.

At this point, they’re pretty hard to miss. Now before you go ahead and dismiss jade rolling altogether – or go out and buy a jade roller without knowing how to use it – consider when you should use a jade facial roller. And why.

When To Use A Jade Roller In Your Skincare Routine

We know, we sound like your mom telling you to spend your money wisely. But isn’t that some sage advice? Or should we say jade advice?

Okay, that mom joke definitely took us down a path of no return. So without further ado, let us guide you along the road of jade rolling and see if a jade roller would make a welcome addition to your skincare routine.

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Where did jade rollers come from?

No, despite popular belief, the Internet did not give birth to jade rollers. They may have heightened their presence in the world.

But jade rolling goes all the way back to ancient Chinese medicine. It’s said that Chinese princesses used these facial rollers to naturally cool and clean skin.

And jade stones and other gemstones are known for their healing properties. Yes, jade rollers have become a prop for beauty bloggers to pose with on social media.

But just remember this. They’re actually a well-tested instrument that has brought beauty benefits to several generations. And all from a small stone!

Do jade rollers actually work?

We’re sure you’ve come across the same content that says, “Jade rolling changed my life!” or, “My acne breakouts stopped as soon as I started jade rolling!” And those claims are great.

But there’s not really any scientific evidence to back them up. That being said, a jade roller can still provide a number of benefits.

Amp up your skin care routine with a facial roller and stimulate your lymph nodes while drraining any fluids and toxins from your face

Like reducing puffiness and pushing excess fluid out of your lymphatic system. And not to mention that gentle pressure on your brow bone, facial muscles, eye area, cheek area, and neck will feel like a sweet massage when you pair it with an AHA serum to soak in. 

Why you should use a jade roller

It can seem like the world of skin care just decides that all of a sudden, there’s a hot new product you need. But jade rollers really are different.

Not only has jade rolling been a part of skincare routine history. It also offers you a face roller with a cool stone attached that can soothe irritated skin and give you a little well-deserved “me” time.

Okay, maybe that “me” time will still feel like going to the skin gym when using a jade roller. But as you gently roll that smaller stone across your face, you’ll understand the hype that only a jade roller can inspire.

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When to use a jade roller

Still confused as to when to use a jade roller? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just roll along with us…

#1. When you want to stimulate your lymph nodes

We mentioned that jade rolling is great for lymphatic drainage. And boy, is it ever!

Use a jade roller when you want to increase circulation or minimize wrinkles on your face

You’ll get the best results from face rollers when you pair it with a facial oil in your skincare routine. And the jade stone will help to stimulate lymphatic drainage all while draining toxins and fluid from your face.

Don’t think that you’ll become white as a sheet though. The best jade rollers will soothe inflamed skin but not without leaving you a sweet pink natural glow.

Besides, it’s said that a jade roller encompasses the power of jade to bring forth healing properties. And the stone itself is also a sign of power and immortality.

So if you want to infuse a little more empowerment into your skin care routine, using a jade roller really couldn’t hurt. And your lymph nodes wouldn’t be upset about it either.

#2. When you want to de-puff your face

We’ve all been there. Sometimes, you wake up and your eye circles aren’t just giving off a sleepy hollow vibe.

They’re giving a “you look like you’ve just been stung by a bee!” vibe. So when you want to reduce puffiness, use a jade roller and gently roll from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner.

Jade is said to hold a number of healing properties and jade rollers go all the way back to ancient Chinese beauty rituals

This will stimulate blood flow no matter your skin type. And for an extra bonus, make sure you apply warm water on your face beforehand. Then clean your jade roller with soapy water.

On the other hand, if you’re worried about fine lines, facial rollers can still help you out. That’s right, they’ll minimize fine lines and simultaneously de-puff your eyes. 

And it’ll perfectly pair with that vegan eye cream you just bought to treat yourself. Is it just us or is the jade roller starting to sound like some sort of sorceress?

#3. When you want to increase blood circulation

Want to brighten skin without putting an inappropriate amount of blush on? Use a jade roller.

In fact, any kind of facial roller will do the trick. Heck, even your fingers! Any kind of facial massage will help improve circulation in your skin, whether a jade roller is used or not.

For best results, start rolling on your neck to open up circulation channels. Then keep rolling up and along the sides of your face.

Once you reach your cheeks, place the jade roller in the middle of your face and push it outward towards the sides. Then, on your forehead, roll from your hairline down to your eyebrow.

Even take the roller between your brows then pull horizontally until you reach your temple. Okay, we really couldn’t help ourselves.

We just want you to have the best skin care routine with your jade roller. And besides, after you try, you can thank us later.

#4. When you want to increase your product absorption

Typically, a jade roller performs its best when you roll after applying a serum or hyaluronic acid moisturizer to your face. And that’s also how a jade roll can help you soak in that product deeper.

That extra pressure allows the topical product to penetrate your skin’s layer even more. And besides, you want to get the most out of your products anyway, right?

Now, we’ve gone through a lot of things that a jade roller can provide for your skin. And trust us, the benefits are still very much there!

You can use a jade roller on your forehead neck cheeks and eye area so long as you are gentle and do not press to intensely

But we don’t want you to fall into falsehoods that a jade roller can increase collagen production. Or help acne on your skin for that matter either.

We’d hate for you to get sucked into the jade rolling craze with expectations that simply can’t be satisfied. So allow your skin to indulge in the benefits that jade rolling can provide.

And know that it also has its limitations too. After all, there’s only so much a single skin product can do. And as far as jade rollers go, they can still do quite a bit for your skin.

Final thoughts

It’s easy to feel like a jade roller will be the one skincare product to solve all your skincare problems. But that’s not necessarily doing the jade roller justice either.

So use a jade roller when you want to stimulate lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and fine lines, increase circulation, or help your products absorb better. When you give a jade roller these tasks, she’s sure to come through.

And it doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful herself, worthy of an Instagram post or two. (Don’t know why we’ve decided to gender the jade roller, but we’re going with it!)

Either way, start to get acquainted with a jade roller to see what benefits you can take in. And maybe even try a roller with rose quartz or amethyst.

That way, you’ll be ahead of the trends and maybe even find the right healing stone to complement your skincare routine too! Who knows. Your skincare ritual could go from a mundane experience to a spiritual one.

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