How To Store Skin Care Products

Hey there, why don’t you take a seat? Yeah, over here, next to us.

First of all, we just want you to know that we love you very much. And while this isn’t the easiest thing to talk about, we need to address it lovingly and with care.

You’ve been storing your skin care products wrong. We don’t want to fight about it, we just want to help you.

Because at the end of the day? You’re our top priority. Well, you and your skin…

How To Store Skin Care Products

Is this intervention getting a little too intense? We think so. So let’s lighten things up a bit.

But not too bright. You know what? This will all make sense if we just get on with it.

You might think you know everything about skin care – what’s good for excess oil, what’s great for dryness. But do you actually know how to store your skin care products?

Or are you just storing them on top of the bathroom counter? Ooh, we caught you! Didn’t we?

Why don’t you start digging around for a pen and paper and settle in for a little 101 education on how to store your skin care products. Because odds are, what you think you know isn’t at all what’s going on.

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Where should skincare products be stored?

When you buy the latest beauty products, the last thing on your mind is about how to store them. But without getting into a complete guide (at least not yet) about how to store beauty products, here are three tips that you can use as a general rule.

#1. Out of direct sunlight

Sure, it’s super cute to see your vegan eye creams and nail polish lined up on your window sills. But they should only be up there long enough for a quick pic for the ‘Grid, then right back in the cabinet at room temperature they go!

Too much light can bring out that pearly iridescent quality in your new serum. But it can also degrade the quality of your product. And you just paid good money for that!

#2. In a cool place

Keeping products in a cool, dry place will do wonders for their shelf life. But we said cold, not freezing – so right in the healthy middle.

(We’ll differentiate between cool and cold later on. For now, just know that your car is definitely not a prime place to store your skin care products.)

#3. Away from steam

We’re sure you and your skin love a steamy bathroom just as much as the next person. But steam is one of the quickest ways to guarantee a shorter shelf life for your skincare products.

Also, with the possibility of mold, steam can leave your skin care products with a weird smell. And half of buying the product was for the smell itself, was it not?

Alright, now that we’ve gone through the top no-no’s of how to keep your skincare products stored properly, let’s look at why. Because more information is always a plus in your beauty routine.

How light and temperature can affect your skincare products

Nobody likes being too hot and your skincare products are exactly the same. When placed in direct sunlight or extreme heat, the active ingredients in your skin care products can start to degrade.

Use these tips to better store your skin care products and lengthen their shelf life

Whether it’s a breakdown of your oil-based products, too much oxidation for your vitamin C, or even curdling or melting of your skin care products’ formulations. (Gross.)

Vitamin C, in particular, is especially sensitive to sunlight and heat. So if you want certain ingredients in your skin care products to perform at their best, you better up your skincare storage game ASAP!

Should I keep my skincare products in the fridge?

Yes! And no. Well, you know what they say. All skin care products are made just a little bit different.

Most products will be fine when kept at room temperature out of direct sunlight. But then again, if you’re really looking to perfect the shelf life of your skin care products, then refrigerating some of them could be the way to go.

Skincare products that should be stored in the fridge

Like we said before, vitamin C is a particularly sensitive one. So any skin care products with vitamin C will perform their best when stored in the fridge.

Additionally, any homemade or organic skincare products you’ve whipped up should definitely be stored in the fridge. The cooling effect of the fridge will act as a preservative in and of itself.

In fact, going back to our general rules, so long as your skin care products contain preservatives, they don’t need to live in the fridge. Or even visit it from time to time.

Room temperature in a cabinet is more than enough to keep your cosmetics collection around for a long time. That being said though, if you want your products to have a little pick-me-up, a couple of minutes in the fridge won’t hurt.

Like that face mist or moisturizer you bought to help with de-puffing? Those will do super well in the fridge when stored for 30-60 minutes max.

Skincare products that can forgo the fridge

Just because the fridge works for some of your skin care products doesn’t mean it works for all of them. Balms and oils are the type to store at room temperature.

Because a cool space like the fridge will only cause them to split, get cloudy, or even solidify. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a great Friday night. Because let’s be honest.

The last thing you want is for that clay mask to solidify then break in the fridge. You were so looking forward to having a fun little skincare night with that!

So always make sure you know what ingredients will benefit from the fridge. And which ones definitely won’t. Like we said, no two skin care products are alike!

Why steam isn’t a friend of your skincare products

A hot shower sure does feel good. But when certain skincare products get exposed to that kind of heat and steam – say, your hyaluronic acid moisturizer – they become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

And before you think that the bathroom counter is an ideal scenario, think again. That damp bathroom environment just isn’t the cool or cold storage space your skincare products are longing for.

Keeping skin care products in the bathroom seems convenient but can actually lead to a build up of bacteria from steam

So for most products, it’s actually better to forgo the bathroom altogether. Or at least to store skin care products in a sealed cabinet that can protect them from the bathroom heat and steam.

We know the bathroom feels like the perfect place to store skin care products. After all, the bathroom is probably the most common place you’re using them!

But unfortunately, we don’t make the rules. If we did, then unicorns would be way easier to adopt as pets. Or for other purposes. (You know, flying, laughing, dreaming with… just unicorn stuff.)

Additional tips for storing your skincare products

Okay, we like you a lot. So we decided what better way to show our love than to give you a few extra tips for storing your new products?

We know, we know, you can thank us later. But for now, just keep reading!

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Make sure containers are sealed properly

You know that cold draft that comes into the shower if you haven’t closed the curtain properly? Yeah, we’re not about that life.

And neither are your skin care products! It is of the utmost importance that you store your skin care products in the right place – whether that be fridge or bathroom cabinet – and make sure that you are storing them properly sealed.

Seal your containers and jars properly to keep out any bacteria that might otherwise reduce the effectiveness of your skin care product

You might think that bathroom drawer is just enough to keep the shower steam away. But it won’t even matter if your jars are left ajar. (Pun intended, so sorry.)

Wash your hands before you reach for your cosmetics

We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that we don’t assume you dip your dirty fingers into your skin care products. But we will also say definitely do not stick your dirty fingers into your skin care products!

Bacteria has a funny way of lingering around unwashed hands. And they will take every benefit of every doubt that you introduce them to your collection of skin care products – even the ones you lovingly store in a drawer and away from light exposure.

Oh, and the skin care products you own that have pumps? Always clean off the pump to remove any build-up of bacteria as well – that’ll help you maintain their efficacy too!

Resist the urge to add water

We get it. Sometimes, there’s just that one skin care product that you’re running a little low on.

And you think you might as well stretch it out with some water to last you through the weekend. Well, we’re about to put a stop to that little habit right now!

Adding water to your products could actually allow harmful bacteria to grow and contaminate your product. Additionally, it will reduce the product’s effectiveness, so it’s just an overall bad time.

(Thought you didn’t think we’d catch you with that old trick? Ha!)

Proper storage won’t make you break the bank either

Skin care is one of the great joys in life. And we’ll prove anybody who tells us otherwise wrong.

Because when you shop for a skin care product, you’re investing in your health, your wellbeing, and, of course, that gorgeous, dewy glow.

But none of that means anything if you don’t know how to store your products properly. And it’s no fault of your own.

These tips will not only make your skin care products last longer but they will help out your wallet too

It’s simply not talked about enough! So with that in mind, hopefully we’ve enlightened you to some invaluable tips today.

And not only will these tips keep your skin care products around for longer. They’ll actually help your bank account too!

Because when you run through skin care products just like that, from exposure to sunlight or bacteria build-up, you just have to run out to the store to get yet another pair of AHA serums! So let these tips take back your products and your wallet too.

You deserve the best. And how you treat your skin care products will only help you (and your skin) (and your bank) in the long run.

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