How to Get Younger Looking Skin

Starting to notice those fine lines and dark circles everyday? Looking for a straightforward way to revive your skin and get back that youthful appearance? If either or both of your answers to these questions is “yes”, you are on the right page.

How To Get Younger Looking Skin

In this article, we will discuss many ways you can keep your skin looking bright, beautiful, and radiant, and give you some tips on how to practice optimal skin health. While achieving ageless skin might be impossible, you can always try our simple hacks to get your skin healthy again.

We have handpicked each of these solutions to ensure that they do not cause any unwanted skin aging side effects. Now onto the good stuff!

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While this seems painfully obvious, many of us forget to complete this crucial simple step right before sleeping. Sometimes it’s a long day and sometimes we don’t feel like it. But nighttime skin care is so important to get a more youthful appearance.

And if you’re looking for a youthful radiance as well, this is one of the first steps to follow. Use a gentle cleanser to clean your skin before sleeping and remove dirt, makeup, grime, and other forms of bacteria easily develop on it throughout the day.

What happens if you don’t wash your face? Everything you are trying to avoid: Your skin will feel dry and irritated, your pores will be clogged, which will trigger breakouts.

To avoid the possibility of this situation, always use a water-based face wash before your face touches your pillows. Following the cleanse, your face is likely to feel tighter at least for the next fifteen minutes.

So it is important that you immediately follow up your cleanse with a quality, nighttime anti-aging eye cream and thin layer of water-based moisturizer to restore hydration while you sleep. Why in that order? Because if you cleanse your skin before applying this cream, the cream itself will seep in deeper, helping it look younger.

But here’s one thing to remember: with age and hormonal changes, your facial oil will witness drastic to severe dips. So, when you cleanse your skin twice regularly per day, it might cause it to feel dry and tight, making your wrinkles appear even more pronounced.

Yet another reason why you should always apply a light moisturizer post cleansing. Also, if you are washing your face in the morning, consider splashing it with slightly warm water as it opens the pores and leaves your skin fresher. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen!


If you don’t already, it’s time you started using Vitamin C-based products. Why? Because they play a crucial role in boosting collagen production in your skin. And collagen is an essential ingredient to younger looking skin.

Additionally, they also boost the level of elastin, keeping your skin youthful and radiant for the longest time, and can reduce brown spots and age spots also associated with aging skin. While getting Vitamin C for your skin, try to look for stable variants of the product, else you might be affected by the sun sensitivity. What’s more, if the product is low quality, it can even irritate your skin.

Hydrated skin prevents premature skin aging

Our recommendation would be to use our Vitamin C Restoring Serum, even before you apply the moisturizer. This serum contains another vital ingredient to hydrated skin and fights premature aging: hyaluronic acid. The rule of thumb would be to first cleanse your skin, tone it, apply the vitamin C serum, and then any light moisturizer of your choice.

If serums aren’t in your budget, you can also consume Vitamin C supplements or fruits rich in Vitamin C. This includes all citrus fruits like oranges. But while these remedies certainly help, a serum applied directly to your skin is one of the best ways going forward.


While age-proof creams might seem like a needless expense to many, those who want younger looking skin should make the investment. You will find several night creams and light moisturizers dedicated to improving your skin radiance revive your youthful radiance.

As a first option, you can try creams that use retinoids and collagen as the primary ingredients, like our Anti-Aging Night Cream. These will ensure that your skin is extremely youthful, regardless of your age.

Retinoid, for instance, is derived from Vitamin A and it is popular for diminishing the signs of aging and reducing wrinkles. So, if you’ve been struggling with those fine lines and heavy wrinkles, you might just want to try these products. Any retinoid-based cream will boost the level of collagen, thus making your skin appear youthful.

With that said, be extremely careful while purchasing retinol creams unless you know what cream best  suits your skin type. Consult your skin care health professional like an Aesthetician or a board certified dermatologist even before you apply the cream. A simple visit to the dermatologist will help you figure out which retinol cream will work best for your skin.

Additionally, try investing in creams that boost collagen production in your skin. You can also take collagen supplements or use AHA serums. However, in this case, as well, we recommend consulting your doctor before making a final choice.

Explore your options but do not try anything new until your dermatologist confirms that it is appropriate for your skin. You don’t want to cause yourself any additional skin issues.


Sleep is one of the most underrated things in life. And if you’re over the age of 30, we  completely understand how difficult it is for you to get a good night’s sleep. However, unless you sleep for at least 6-7 hours a day, your skin will be dry, dull, and boring.

So, if you don’t want that, do not compromise on your sleep, regardless of the situation. Avoid falling asleep with watching stuff on your mobile or laptop because the blue light can affect your quality of sleep.

Regularly moisturize your face to prevent dry skin and reduce the aging process

Try reading a book or listening to some relaxing sounds or podcasts instead. If all fails, take melatonin pills, drink lavender tea, and follow every other home remedy for a good night’s sleep.

Once you do this, your skin will get enough rest and it won’t appear as dehydrated anymore!

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This one should go without mention. Your body is made mostly of water. But daily activities – even sleeping – can dramatically deplete the amount of water in our body which is why it needs constant replenishment.

Whether it’s summer, fall, or winter, you cannot cut down on your water intake. We recommend drinking at least 6 glasses of water daily. Additionally, try to add plenty of water-rich fresh fruits to your diet.

This can be anything ranging from cucumbers to watermelons. These fruits contain water, and they won’t make you feel bloated. The best part: your skin will inadvertently get the water intake it truly deserves.


While we know it is not as simple as it sounds, if you’re really looking to get that youthful radiance, you need to find a way to deal with your stress. According to several leading journalists, your skin can appear five to six years older than its actual age when you end up handling more stress than usual.

Anxiety is another killer in this department. It ends up triggering cortisol which is your body’s stress hormone. Once this happens, it leads to inflammation and that eventually hurts your existing collagen. You might also find other triggers or a set of sequential responses, that cause your face to get red and increase the prominence of acne.

If you are not in a situation to handle stress, try to consume foods rich in antioxidants. These include berries, any type of citrus fruits, and asparagus among others.

If you already suffer from anxiety, take a couple of deep breaths every time you feel restless. In case that doesn’t help much, meditate or practice mindfulness. The key here is anxiety and once you fix it your skin will be automatically better.

So, try to reduce anxiety while you also follow a healthy diet with plenty of antioxidant-rich foods. Visit group therapies, try 1:1 conversation therapy, or take anxiety pills if needed.

Either way, when you are less anxious your skin will look youthful, and it will certainly feel better, softer, and more at ease.


As you probably know, smoking is known to cause a range of horrible effects including premature aging, and yellowing of your skin. As you smoke, your skin dries up and naturally loses the youthful radiance it once possessed.

That is why it is best to completely avoid nicotine. The same applies to coffee. As previously mentioned, avoid drinking excessive amounts of coffee to deal with stress. Instead, figure out alternative ways to deal with your stress and anxiety.

Signs of aging are reduced with healthy lifestyle plenty of water and good skincare

The same applies to alcohol. Unless it’s a special occasion, cut down on excessive alcohol consumption. This too contributes to an aged appearance, even though you’re still fairly young.

What’s more, alcohol makes your face fatter than usual, and this causes you to appear more aged. So, if you want that youthful radiance back, focus on cutting down on alcohol, smoking, and coffee. The results will stun you!


Very often, foundation leaves your skin to appear and feel heavier. So, only apply liquid foundation as much as you require to conceal some blemishes. If you must use it, try a gluten-free and water-based foundation like our Cameo Liquid Foundation which hydrates your skin with each application.

In the event that certain areas of your skin are large but clear (like your cheeks or forehead for instance) consider a light powder or bronzer instead of a heavy, cream-based foundation that can clog pores. Ideally, you should only apply it to areas where you notice some form of discoloration (like your under-eyes) or redness.


If you want your skin to breathe easily, you need to get rid of the dead skin cells first. Unfortunately, cleansing isn’t always the first and last solution in this case. Even though it is a necessity, you should also exfoliate your skin from time to time.

Try to use a quality exfoliator that includes key anti-aging ingredients like Glycolic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acids at least once a week. You can also try chemical peels that contain AHA/BHA.

However, because peels do not work for all types of skin, it is best to only choose them after confirming with your dermatologist. Even if you aren’t using a peel, try to use restorative clay masks once in a while.

If you don’t have time to do it daily, try at least thrice a week at night. This will keep your skin more relaxed, and your clogged pores will be open right away!


While we know it’s practically impossible to avoid the sun, especially if you are working outdoors, you can still minimize the impact of harmful UV rays on your skin. Very often, our skin looks duller due to the intense impact of these UV rays.

Both UVA and UVB rays are the culprits and they often cause at least 90% of the aging in your skin. They work by breaking the natural elastin of your skin which results in saggy skin with plenty of wrinkles, uneven tones, fine lines, and spots.

Practicing a consistent daily skin care regimen will help make your skin look younger

To avoid this, wear quality sunscreen before stepping out of the home. This is regardless of your location. Make sure the sunscreen is suitable for your skin and is at least SPA 30.

Anything under SPA 30 won’t successfully block both UVA and UVB rays, so you absolutely need it. Use sunscreen even if it is not sunny outside. Also, reapply once in a few hours to protect your skin to the maximum level.


If you want to appear more youthful, it is best to use a quality highlighter to highlight the best parts of your skin. Our suggestion would be highlighters with warm tones that offer just the right sheen and reflection.

This also works well on people over 30. To apply correctly, first, choose the right highlighter and then dab it lightly on the upper part of your cheekbones. As with the foundation, do not slather your entire face with a highlighter as it defeats the purpose.


In addition to following the suggested guidelines, we recommend adopting a healthy lifestyle. Very often, a healthy lifestyle is a key to more nourished skin, and youthful radiance.

Get some moderate exercise a few times a week. Eat healthy. Avoid heavy dairy and meat, liquor, processed food, and sugar, and follow our suggested beauty hacks.

Once you apply them all, you’re all set to get gorgeous, glowing skin. The best part: because our solutions mostly involve natural and gluten-free ingredients, you won’t need to worry about side effects.

Trust us, these simple tips are better than Botox or any other expensive surgery! So, just follow them the correct way for an effortlessly beautiful and ageless skin.

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